Whatever Happened to Twitch Streamer MissQGemini?

We always talk about the revolutions in the digital world. The everyday progress in the world in the field of technology, streaming, OTT platforms, online payments, etc has brought us closer, given us some extra options of entertainment and made our life simpler. But as it is well said by someone, every coin has two faces. The other face of these advancements is that they had made the population lazy. People don’t want to step out of their comfort zones to do anything at the moment. Be it shopping, watching movies and even playing any sports. They just want to stay in their comfortable homes and as the youth would say “Netflix & Chill”.

But the situation has further gone out of hands when there was a significant downfall in the youngsters playing sports. Instead, they prefer to stay in, play online games and interact with players all over the world. The games like “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, “Grand Theft Auto V”, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone”, “Players Unknown Battleground, commonly known as PUBG” are a few examples of numerous games that are being played and streamed over many streaming devices such as YouTube, Twitch TV, etc.

Gamers love to stream this game play for hours without blinking their eyes to learn about the cool tricks, getting how to play a particular game & sometimes just appreciating the game play of the streamers.

Many gamers tend to develop their game skills to become famous streamers so that they can display their skill set and make some money out of their favorite pastime.

Many popular streamers are streaming different games and their game play across the world, for example, Shroud, Ninja, TimTheTatman, etc. Amongst them was a steamer named MissQGemini.

This article would talk about MissQGemini and walk through every small and big rumor that was spread concerning her. It might get spicy out here, you better hold on to your lemonade. Here we go!!

About MissQGemini

It is well said by someone that reputation and fame are like a bubble, you never know when it would pop. That was the case for our incredibly well-known streamer MissQGemini. But then that upload happened and gradually people only remember the rumors about MissQGemini. To look on the internet, streamers try to bug their games with all kinds of cheats and hacks. This brings them views, makes them good money and keeps them on the minds of the viewers. Hence, it won’t be the worst thing to anyone who is being accused of cheating in video games on Twitch.

It was the steps that MissQGemini took to shield her that made the mess out of her streaming career. Well, the curious question that arises here is what happened to her? With extensive research and collaboration of collected facts, we have come up with an appropriate answer. The answer that would take the ground off your feet and leave you bewildered. Excited, huh? Let’s find out then!!

Let’s follow up the storyline!

It’s kind of an obvious thing to say but it is a significant one. Amongst all the other cheating and hacking around the digital gaming world, swindling others is a pretty indecent thing to do. There were countless numbers of people who were using swindles on games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and GO. Lucky for them, they didn’t hit the limelight as our precious and infamous MissQGemini did.

She tried to take a sexist approach thinking that might help her clear the air. She started a Twitch live stream with a trade to discuss how she’d been accused of cheating because she’s a woman. That move backfired on her and it is probably the reason she is MIA. Though she continued playing for a while after she asked this serious question about how this was jabbering in an impolite manner. It was reportedly found out that she was stacking a profile in one of her streams that immediately reveals various players on the opposite side of the dividers.

She was aware of the fact that while she was streaming live on Twitch TV & playing games non-stop, others were keeping an eye on her game play. As she was afraid that all might take advantage of the scheme she devises, she started looking if others have the same problem or not. An excuse made by here concerning this was that one of her friends Rock had this problem before and it’s the same problem she’s struggling with.

She started condemning another one of her companions, Clara, who had previously been barred from using swindles after she presented her whole excuses theory. She also stipulated that Carla had been using her computer before the day of the incident.

All she did during that time was to give baseless explanations, concocted stories and flimsy excuses, blame her companions and try to get away by formulating theories. But, as everyone was keeping an eye on her every move, she was apprehended red-handed. Whatever she tried to do after that, every excuse, every stunt went to vain and she was also perplexed by this incident. She found herself between a rock & hard place from which, getting out unscathed was next to impossible.

By closing down from her previous records of the game, she eventually was able to finish the game. That’s when she disappeared and was never seen again on streaming channels. She was called a con artist and was attacked with numerous allegations. Most of them are true, the rest of them are just exaggerations. All this prodding by people, unwanted instructions and negative publicity made her very uncomfortable and she couldn’t stand being called a con artist. Probably that would be the main reason for her ghosting everything remotely related to gaming and streaming.

What followed then, revival or ban?

Though she wasn’t banned from Twitch TV, you’d think she should have, but as far as my research tells, that didn’t happen. But she was subsequently VAC banned, according to the digital world. According to a tweet, she was never suspended from Twitch but due to immense backlash and negativity around her name, MQG had to finally voluntarily close her account. Even though her Twitch account was not suspended, she deactivated that too and changed her Twitter handle to Private, with followers as low as around 50. But surprisingly,

MissQGemini vanished in thin air and just when everyone believed she was gone, she made a daunting reappearance under a new name, that too in less than a week.

The Djinnnn: A surprising come back of MissQGemini

According to Reddit’s Twitch Fails site, she (MissQGemini) was suspended for a day. But then she renamed her account and made a dramatic reappearance. There’s was still a lot of dilemma in the air about this news but that’s all we got our hands-on. By changing her name, she was able to keep her subscribers and kept playing without facing the negativity of the people and couldn’t have to face people calling her a con artist. In order to escape the bad press, MissQGemini changed her name to The Djinnnn. Though, she wasn’t as fortunate as other active Twitchers who faced criticism and kept streaming without any major problems. Clara, MQG or The Djinnnn didn’t keep themselves alive in the field of streaming as all these accounts, including The Djinnnn was deactivated.

Did YouTube Help Her?

Most probably, the internet has lost traces of MissQGemini, aka Haley Germaine. She completely vanished from twitch after her scandal that resulted in her being called a con artist. Although she has a channel on YouTube she doesn’t post gaming videos there, which isn’t a master class act from her side because she strived with that. Letting go of something this great isn’t easy but the situation led her far away from her niche. Well, it can be said that even YouTube won’t MissQGemini to redeem herself as she only has a handful of 24 subscribers on YouTube and the last video she posted playing a game was eleven months ago. So, it suffices to say that it’s the end of MissQGemini.

Would Apologizing Work?

Well, the people who believe themselves to be on the top of the food chain don’t believe in Apologizing as they don’t think that even works. But, with a rarest or rare chance, MissQGemini wants to make a comeback; everyone would agree that an apology is in order. To regain the public favors, trust and love of her followers, she can at least try to make amends and an apology is the first step. The thing you can learn from the story of not so famous anymore MissQGemini is that you could never get away with stealing and in case you are willing to lie about it, make sure there aren’t spectators. And in case, you get caught crossing lifelines, that too in front of a rather large crowd, accept it, apologize, move on. If you go on to make vague excuses and ridiculous tales after playing around with your cheat on, well, you will most probably go down as our MissQGemini did. So, in case you screw up badly, just make sure your apology is heartfelt and that’s the only way you can win people over again. Otherwise, you just bought yourself a ticket to “The End”.

Storyteller: MissQGemini

Surprisingly her cheating wasn’t the only issue behind her downfall. It was the rumors she concocted about how she was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. A player named Moh’Fuggah told this about Haley becoming popular on Twitch and then infamous as a cheater.


From her tales of concocted lies and ridiculous excuses, one thing was clear Clara” didn’t force MissQGemini to cheat on purpose. Her attempt to get famous by putting the pin on someone else for what she did just backfired and she had to vanish from every possible streaming channel where once she was popular. Addiction to anything is dangerous for your health and Hayley was addicted to negative attention which later became her downfall. Negative attention is something uncontrollable, that could work your way but also have the power to destroy your life. But, you can still make a comeback as in it won’t make permanent damage if you work smart this time. Probably the reason behind the MissQGemini’s absence was her choice to avoid the temptations that crashed everything in her life down and made her a hated name in gaming.

Well, it’s on you to decide what she could have done differently. A human being is a statue of mistakes and so Hayley, being a cheater did make a mistake. Apparently, she paid for those errors and there’s hope, that wherever she is, whatever she’s doing, we can only hope it’s better than where and how she began.

I guess that’s all from us. If you find this article interesting, let me know in the comment section. Share it with your friends and family.

Thank you for reading.

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