26 Best Unblocked Music Websites For All to Listen Free Music

Music is something that nearly everyone enjoys. According to surveys, students enjoy listening to music while learning because it reduces other disturbances and encourages them to be more creative. Unfortunately, it can restrict several musical websites in some areas, such as educational institutions.

best unblocked music sites

As a result, I’ve compiled a list of unblocked websites that you can use to lift your energy and ease at any time and from anywhere. Believe me when I say that after reviewing this post, you will be able to listen to your favourite tracks even if the usual music pages are disabled.

Best & Top Unblocked Music Sites to Listen to Music: 2021

In this post, I’ll show you a few of the top portals for listening to your hit music from any place. Perhaps you’ve always known about all of these pages, but you didn’t realize you unblocked them. Figure out by reading this post!

1. LovmusicDept


This portal is attractive in that it features only songs written by aspiring musicians rather than musicians. So, although the music you receive may be minimal, you can gain insight into the creativity of the youth. LovmusicDept is not restricted anywhere, and it chooses one of the top songs each week to inform its audience about what is hot.

2. PlaylistSound

playlist sound

Especially if you are a fan of a specific style and not every platform has your favourite tracks, you can depend on PlaylistSound because it has an extensive range of music from multiple styles. You can store your favourite tracks to listen to when you don’t have time to look for them by making a profile.

 3. Soundzabound


Could you think of a platform that was developed specifically for teaching content by teachers? It is indeed Soundzabone. The organization has all of the necessary educational permits, which is why it is not restricted anywhere. It is the only royalty-free song collection on the market today, having been established in 1996.

4. Wolfgang’s


Are you searching for an activated site where you can connect to fantastic songs or listen to videos of famous musicians’ live performances? This platform allows you to create a profile for free, and it even offers you the most recent tracks so that it might be the right approach for you.

5. Purevolume


Pure Volume is a well-known music platform that has been popular since the dawn of the twenty-first century. Pure Volume makes it easy to search your favourite tracks as well as many audio files. You will use it despite any problems since it is not restricted to your schools, educational institutions, or offices.

6. SoundCloud


To listen, SoundCloud, located in Germany, helps in growing and exchanging songs and various types of audio. You can connect to as numerous music as you like and share music recordings three hours long for free. So all you have to do now is build a profile.

7. AccuRadio


AccuRadio gives you links to a large number of radio channels to listen to, and you can switch around as much as you like. It’s also completely secure. This platform, centred in Illinois, allows you to connect to songs in areas where several musical portals are restricted. As a result, you should take a look at it.

8. Music World Nation

Music World Nation is accessible from anywhere globally and is simple to access. It is among the most popular platforms nowadays and is not restricted in any way. Users can hear music from all over the globe in a variety of music.

 9. NoiseTrade


Do you like listening to audiobooks? If you answered yes, you’d enjoy NoiseTrade, which has a large selection of audiobooks and even enables people to add their songs and audiobooks. You can also stream songs for free, and it is not limited in any way.

 10. SongArea


If you’re one of the individuals who enjoy reading and being mesmerized by lyrics when they hear music? The SongArea is an excellent place to start. It has lyrics to over 1.5 million tracks, which is incredible. So, at the SongArea, you can connect to music and view their lyrics at the very exact moment, for free, from everywhere.

 11. Grooveshark


One of the popular unblocked music downloading platforms available is Grooveshark. All you require is internet access to listen to your favourite music; you don’t even require to create a profile.

The platform has an extensive song collection, and you can even download the most famous tunes. You can make a collection of your best albums and listen to them when you work.

12. Jamendo


Jamendo is a free music streaming service that is ideal for discovering new, emerging musicians. The platform features several newcomers who create fantastic songs, all of which you can listen to for free.

13. StreamSquid

The vast selection of songs on StreamSquid has made it famous. The site has an excellent design, and it’s straightforward to find the most famous artists. Everything you require is internet access and a StreamSquid profile to get started.

14. MusixHub

MusixHub is a fantastic resource for discovering new songs, and the most remarkable thing is that you can use it at university or work. The triumphant song is readily accessible and contains many tracks from the most significant artists worldwide.

15. TuneIn

TuneIn can be utilized to hear music, athletics, and a variety of recordings. The platform has a large selection of songs that can synchronize through various gadgets such as Alexa, PC, Google Home, and smartphones.

16. LiveXLive

LiveXLive, commonly regarded as Slacker Radio, is among the top song platforms for streaming your favourite tracks. You can use it anytime you like in your university or workplace. It contains many kinds of music by various musicians and styles, and it will not bore you.

17. BlueBeat Music

On BlueBeat Music, you’ll discover the perfect and most famous tracks. The app makes it easy to discover your favourite tracks and musicians. The platform is simple to navigate and can find anything with only a specific tap.

18. Hulkshare

This site is unquestionably the best as it contains an extensive array of musical content, featuring the most recent items appearing on the homepage. The most popular tracks, and chartbusters, are highlighted on Hulkshare’s homepage, giving you an easy reference to the most hit tracks being listened around the globe.

19. Songarea

This website’s name is self-explanatory, and it contains anything from the oldest to the most recent songs. It is among the most well-known and conveniently available activated music pages. Songarea allows you to browse for almost any music or record, and you can be sure that you will discover it.

 20. Spotify


Spotify is among the perfect and top-rated song streaming services across the globe. It has over 50 million songs available for you to listen to on the go from anywhere. The best thing about Spotify is that you can hear music for free. Spotify helps people to hear music on their mobile phones, tablets, computers, and other devices.

21. JioSaavn


If you’ve been streaming tracks for a while, you’ve probably heard of Saavn, which is one of the oldest streaming platforms with one of the largest music collections. The web’s design is appealing, and you can go there at least once to see how the tracks are organized in various music libraries based on mood and fest.

22. Youtube


The world’s largest online video streaming site is also renowned for its music library. There isn’t a single track that isn’t available on YouTube. Youtube has everything you require and are looking for.

23. Gaana


If you’re searching for a website that will stream tracks with just one press, Gaana is the place to go.

At the exact moment, as the song is being streamed, the lyrics of the songs are also being streamed. You can also watch clips of your favourite songs on Gaana.

24. Slaker

While the free profile is also worthwhile to use, it only has a small range of internet radio stations; it also offers a premium subscription for streaming songs. According to user feedback, this is an excellent place to stream music.

25. Punchdrunk

In summary, the Punchdrunk platform enables users to view all musical sites through a built-in remote server, and it is super quick and has plenty of bandwidth. Punchdrunk is ideal for listening to unblocked songs for free at a vital streaming speed.

26. Hungama


Hungama is yet another shop for unblocked music, and it is one of India’s largest channels, with songs of almost every category. Hungama has a vast range of music files ranging from jazz to pop to western music, and it is the perfect option for consumers who want to listen to FM stations as well.


Music is the ideal accompaniment to every circumstance or mindset. Music is similar to medicine that we require daily to make our lives more enjoyable.

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