20 Free & Best Subtitles Download Websites for Movies & TV Shows

Subtitles for films and TV shows are unquestionably beneficial to several viewers. If you view any international movies, the advantages are merely multiplied. It may also assist you in learning newer words that you can boast about or enhance your repertoire.


Aside from that, hardly each film has a flawless translation. In reality, certain translating detracts from the film’s overall quality. In such circumstances, you can view the movie or television show in its original language and then deduce the subtitles’ meaning.

25+ Top & Best Websites to Download Subtitles: 2021

However, the benefits are numerous, as are the websites from which you may obtain these subtitles. We’ll go over 20 of the most significant sources for downloading subtitles for your favourite films and TV series in this article. Additionally, each of these subtitles is not confined to English but is available in various languages. So, without further ado, here is the collection.

The Best Free Subtitle Download Sites for Movies and TV Shows are listed below.

1. VLC media player

vlc media player

VLC has its subscription service, which may come as a relief to some. It also has a more excellent performance ratio while looking for subtitles, including lesser-known TV episodes and films. Given that most of you are likely to use VLC as your leading music player, it simplifies things even more accessible.

Resume your clip and go to View > VLCSub. Insert the title, season, and episode of the film or TV series in the following pop-up. Don’t miss to adjust the language to your favourite one as well. After that, select Display by name. Would pollute the listing with the searching result in a matter of seconds.

Choose the one you want and then click on the Download option, followed by the download hyperlink that displays. That is all there is to it. Would download the compressed version of the subtitle. To obtain yours.srt file, detach it.

2. iSubtitles


Among the few websites that provide subtitles in a variety of languages. Not only for commonly spoken languages but also languages with a small number of speakers. Including the subtitles, you additionally receive a synopsis of the film’s related films and an IMDB rating.

The site defaults to showing the most current changes first. To discover a specific sub, go to the Explore tab or use the search box at the top of the website.

3. TVSubs


TVSubs has an enormous library of subtitles. Can find subtitles for a variety of TV series, documentaries, and films on this website in various languages. It also features subtitles in Hebrew, Arabic, Polish, Hungarian, and other languages that aren’t widely used. For ease of navigation, the sidebar options have been separated into parts.

There’s a category for the top downloaded subtitles, the most recently uploaded subs, and so on. Likewise, after enrolling on this website, you can publish your subtitles. TVSubs claims to have about 3 million subscribers, which is an astounding figure in and of itself.

4. Addic7ed


Don’t be fooled by the name; it truly performs decent work. It has a large number of subtitles from a variety of sources. Subtitles were also available in Telugu and Tamil, as well as a variety of other local languages. While the similar is restricted to a few well-known films and television programs, it is undoubtedly a handy feature.

There’s additionally a category dedicated to the most popular subtitles and the most frequently begun and completed subtitle translations. You can even submit your thoughts on every subtitle on the website, but you must first make a profile. But, there is no requirement to sign up to download subtitles.

5. TVSubstitles.net

Subtitles are available in various languages, namely German, Spanish, English, and many others. TVSubtities has also divided the webpage into other parts. For instance, one part contains the most acquired subtitles to date; another contains the most recently published subtitles, yet further includes the most popular TV programs such as The Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, etc.

You might potentially help this website by contributing subtitles. Make a profile and begin posting. While there is nothing particularly noteworthy regarding this website, it can provide the majority of subtitles with simplicity. Furthermore, if you come across any valuable subtitles, you may exchange them with anyone.

6. Easy Subtitles


This website, like Down4Suub, does not contain any subtitles that can be searched for and downloaded instantly. Everything you need to do now is to paste the URL of the clip into the search field. But what if you don’t get access to the specified URL? That, too, is addressed in the book. You might also click and drop the clip file onto the website.

It would then analyze each of the relevant information from that document and generate its related subtitles in a matter of moments. Drag and drop both the movie and its subs folder into the supplied space if you want to post subtitles.

7. Subscene


Subscene is among the most well-known websites for obtaining subtitles, with an extensive collection of subtitles for a wide range of movies, Television shows, and serials. The subtitles are accessible in various languages, including English, Hindi, and French, as well as Arabic and Greek. People post each of these subtitles on a regular schedule.

The filter area, located right behind the searching box, enables you to browse for subtitles in a specific language. It is instrumental given the web’s large number of subscribers. There’s even a conversation thread where you may demand subtitles for any film or program that isn’t yet on the website.

8. Podnapisi


One more valuable subtitles downloading page, this one also includes a powerful search engine. It enables you to narrow down your searches by category, kind (e.g., Television shows, mini-series, or films), seasons, episodes, or the year of release. There’s even an area where you may post your subtitles and debate the topic further in the blogs.

Only English subtitles are displayed by default. Tap the + icon in the top left corner to enter new languages. They additionally feature subtitles explicitly designed for those who are deaf or hard of listening. Podnapisi has a total of roughly 2 million subtitles. As a result, you may be able to find your favourite one on our website.

9. Open Subtitles

open subtitles

It is the world’s largest accessible subtitle site. First, the webpage has been converted into various languages, so finding subtitles must be straightforward regardless of where you are located. Moreover, the website includes a handy searching function that enables you to select your material by season, episode, category, or launch date.

You can additionally upload subtitles or demand them if they aren’t already accessible on the website. You can also get a sample of these subtitles when you download them. It is a one-stop shop for all your subtitle needs, across over 5 million subtitles.

10. English Subtitles for DivX Movies


The website is simple, with only a search box for finding your favourite subtitles. There are no categories for the most recently obtained subtitles, recently introduced subtitles. You also don’t have the option of filtering your results depending on your preferences. It downloads all of the accessible subtitles for the necessary films all at once.

It’s then up to you to find what you’re looking for amid the abundance of subs. One of the features of this website is previewing the subtitles before proceeding to the downloads area. As the title implies, you could receive subtitles for films; they don’t possess subtitles for Television programs or series.

11. DownSub


Unlike the other websites on our listing, this one functions uniquely. This website does not allow you to search for or explore subtitles. You’ll need to copy-paste the video’s URL into the supplied field to get the subtitles you want. YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Google Drive, OnDemandKorea, Viki, and many more websites are all supported.

Paste the clip or film URL into the box and press Enter. Now, after allowing the website to retrieve the subtitles for you, select Download once more to store it on your devices. SRT, TXT, and VTT are the three various formats in which the subtitles are available.

12. YIFY Subtitles

yts subs

YiFY is one of the most popular websites for obtaining subtitles, and it has established a reputation for itself in this field. Instead of merely offering subtitles, you may additionally acquire a brief overview of the film, its release date, the people featured, and even its IMDB rating.

It additionally enables you to browse for subtitles depending on categories such as anime, criminal activity, family, and suspense, to name a few. You’ll also be likely to locate subtitles for films released in the 1930s and 1940s. Choose your preferred language from the main menu bar and start your customized search.

13. DivX Subtitles

The website has the most DivX, DVD, and HDTV subtitles available. DivX Subtitles has a user interface that is relatively straightforward to navigate, so locating your favourite subtitles must be a breeze. If you’re still experiencing difficulties discovering your favourite sub, use the search box on the site. Each of the subtitles is available for free Download. You must establish a profile to post subtitles or remark on them.

14. Subtitle Seeker

Here, things are a bit unique. Instead of requiring customers to provide subtitles, the portals aggregate and mix subtitles from around 20 other sites. So, if you can’t discover subtitles on other websites, your quest may come to an end here. The subtitles are in. srt format, as is customary.

15. Movie Subtitle

It is a movie buff’s dream come true. This webpage is a great location to locate your favourite subtitle because it has many English films with subtitles available for free Download. You could view the headlines on this page in addition to downloading subtitles. People can download subtitles in DVD and DivX formats from this webpage.

16. Megasubtitles

Megasubtitles will undoubtedly be one of your faves if we’re talking regarding a webpage that provides elementary subtitles. It has real-time search, which means it would begin presenting matches as quickly as you start searching. This portal, like My-Subs, allows you to download subtitles immediately into the SRT file format. The best part? Furthermore, the idea that you may download with just a single click is excellent since it will not transfer you to multiple sites.

17. SubDivX

This page additionally makes a significant contribution to the field of subtitle download sites. Could obtain subtitles for the most recent films and TV shows here in DivX or DVD format. People could additionally help this website by posting subtitles.

18. My-Subs

My-Subs is a straightforward and well-organized platform that provides subtitles for TV programs and films. The most excellent part of getting subtitles from this webpage is that it allows you to download subtitle files straight in SRT format, unlike other websites that only allow you to download subtitles in compacted zip files. Furthermore, this webpage provides multi-language subtitles to meet the requirements of consumers.

19. SubdI

Although Subdl is not as well-known as the other sites on this listing, it does contain an extensive subtitle collection that you may search. You may utilize its clutter-free search bar to hunt for subtitles you want and download them without difficulty. It provides subtitles for films in English and other languages. Furthermore, this website has arranged each of its subtitles by kind of video released, such as BluRay release, DVD release, and so on.

20. SubtitlesHR

Last but not least, we have Subtitles. Hr for you. However, the site’s layout isn’t particularly appealing; the less the site’s creator has concentrated on appearance, the simpler it is to search through and acquire any of your favourite film subtitles. Unlike many other famous subscription services, this one does not bombard your computer monitor with a barrage of annoying advertisements.


So there you have it, the best 20 websites where you may obtain subtitles. While they all have the same end aim of offering subs, it all comes down to how they go about doing it. Although few provide helpful search features, others enable you to drag and drop the video clip you want. Others, such as VLC, offer this functionality built right into their multimedia player.

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