15 Best Samsung Smart TV Apps In 2021 [Free & Paid List]

With the rapid growth of technologies, people are getting smart equipment to their homes. So one of those smart things is a smart TV and Samsung is the most popular brand or company when it comes to electronic appliances. On Samsung smart TV you can watch movies, tv shows, web series, and many more with the excellent video quality.

You can watch videos as per your interest with the help of applications. Just like smartphones. Tablets, and laptops smart TVs also feature many applications through which you will get to watch videos and play games. So here you go for the 15 best Samsung smart TV apps for 2021. 

samsung smart tv apps list

15 Best Samsung Smart TV Apps In 2021

1. Netflix

netflix samsung tv app

Netflix is the most popular entertainment platform nowadays. You can enjoy both web series and movies on this platform. Sometimes you will get the app already installed in your Samsung smart TV, else you can download and install it from the apps section. You will get access to watch thousands of tv shows along with so many movies. The shows are ranging from blockbuster and documentaries to Netflix original movies and series. 

2. TED

ted sasmsung tv app

If you are fond of watching podcasts and interviews, TED is the best app you will get on your Samsung smart TV. You will get this app pre-installed on your TV. Videos in this app are available in 20+ languages. You will get to watch experience and idea videos of entrepreneurs, musicians, business leaders, and so many other experts in various fields. 

3. Spotify

spotify samsung tv app

The app is best for those who love to listen to songs and music. The app can be run on your Samsung smart TV and features a 30 million track collection. Apart from music it also offers podcasts. It also features the premium membership feature with which you can download songs, get rid of annoying ads, and can create a custom playlist. It will turn your Samsung smart Tv into an excellent music theatre. 

4. Playstation Now

play station now samsung smart tv app

Playstation now is an application for Samsung smart TV which is based on Playstation 3. You will get a smooth playing experience even with heavy games as it is managed and streams games from Sony’s server. You will get the application on your Samsung smart TV without any cost.  But you will have to pay some amount for in-app purchases. 

5. YouTube

youtube smart tv app

YouTube is the best platform for featuring numerous video contents both on smartphones as well as smart TVs. You will get to watch videos from almost all genres. From comedy to educational, dancing to cooking it features all kinds of video content. Also, you can purchase the premium membership of this app. So that you can watch videos without ads, make content available offline, and watch premium series. 

6. Accu Weather

accuweather samsung smart tv app

The application Accu Weather is one of the best apps for Samsung smart TV. It features two platforms for the users that are paid and free. You can download and install it from the Samsung App Store. The paid one also does not cost too much. The application shows the forecast of 10 days with satellite views. Also, it shows weather warnings along with hourly weather map updates. 

7. Amazon Prime Video

amazon prime samsung smart tv app

Amazon prime featured by Mazon became very famous among users in the last few years. The application streams many excellent web series along with movies in various languages. Apart from these it also offers an exclusive collection of content such as comedy, drama, and so many. In the entertainment field, it is one of the rapidly growing applications which is available on Samsung smart TV. 

8. FandangoNow

fandangonow samsung smart tv app

The app FandangoNow is another popular application in the entertainment field on smart TV. The application features TV shows along with movies. It has a vast library of 30,000 tv shows and movies and you don’t need a subscription to get the application. But you need to pay to ret or buy any movies from this application. The price that costs for the movies are reasonable and you do not have to buy a monthly subscription per month. 

9. Plex

plex app

The Plex app is famous as it has an excellent user interface. From this app, you will get to watch original content easily. You need to install the application on your Samsung smart TV and the media server software on your computer. You can also purchase some of the web shows and podcasts from this application. The setting up of servers in the application is also very easy. 

10. HBO Now

hbo now app

For one of the most popular web series, the game of thrones the HBO Now app is quite famous nowadays. Apart from the game of thrones, the app streamed many other popular web shows. In this application, you can watch web shows immediately on your Samsung smart TV. To access the contents on HBO Now you have to buy a premium subscription. 

11. BBC iPlayer

bbc iplayer

The BBC iPlayer is one of the famous and reputed applications for some of the best TV shows you can watch on your Samsung smart TV. You will get access to all the contents from the official app iPlayer directly. But the shows in this application are only available for 30 days from the day of their broadcast. And the application is restricted only to UK users. 

12. UltraFlix

untraflix 4k app

UltraFlix is one of the best applications for the Samsung smart TV which has streaming support of 4k. It features both paid and free platforms for the users. The app features a decent collection of movies that you can watch and enjoy. You need a good internet connection to watch those movies in 4k. But the application is only available for the residents of the US, Europe, and Canada. 

13. Vimeo

vimeo app

Like in Youtube, you will watch numerous content free on the Vimeo application on your Samsung smart TV. Just like youtube you can create and share content on this application. Including comedy videos, music videos, and documentaries the app features thousands of videos from various genres and categories. Even in this app you can rent or buy some of the movies that you want to watch. 

14. Facebook Watch

facebook watch app

Facebook Watch app allows you to create and share videos just like youtube and Vimeo. Also, you can watch videos of other users in this application on your Samsung smart TV. The recommendation system of this application works nicely so that you will get to watch videos as per your interest. The application also features live streaming of news shows and games for the users. But the application is not available for the older Samsung smart TV. 

15. VUDU

vudu app

Another application for your Samsung smart TV is VUDU. Like Netflix and Amazon prime it does not have a vast collection of shows. But the application is free so you don’t have to buy a monthly or annual subscription. But you have to pay to buy or rent movies that you would like to watch. The primary model of the application is based on the latest release. 

List of Free Samsung Smart TV Apps

Here is a glance at all of the Samsung Smart TV apps you should try on your TV. few of these apps are free and some are paid apps.

  1. Netflix
  2. TED
  3. Spotify
  4. Youtube
  5. VUDU
  6. Facebook Watch
  7. Vimeo
  8. UntralFlix
  9. BBC iPlayer
  10. PlEX
  11. Fandango NOW
  12. Amazon Prime
  13. Accu Weather
  14. HBO Now
  15. Playstation Now


Above are the 15 best Samsung smart TV apps for 2021. Some of them are free and some of them are paid platforms. With the help of these applications, you will get to watch thousands of tv shows, movies, and web shows. 

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