Best Prank Websites And Apps To Troll Your Friends Or Anybody

Pranking someone can be fun if not harmed anyone in the process. If we get the chance to prank our near and dear ones, then we should obviously take up the opportunity because life is all about living happily, so we should never miss a chance to have fun. Let’s have a look at Best Prank Websites And Apps which are easing your purpose.

Today in the era of online classes and work from home, we need an opportunity to have the fun we used to have back in school, college or offices among friends and colleagues. Do you agree with me? We know that you do agree, that is why you are here to find something very interesting. 

Do you remember the time when we used to make people fool on April Fool’s Day? They were fun. Why don’t we take a chance to make the pranks through mobile, laptops, or PC in the digital era? It is going to be great to make your close ones fool and have fun.

best pranking websites and apps

There are people near you with whom pranking is fun and though life has taken a turn and we are missing out on all the fun we could have physically with some of our friends, there are a few crazy and best prank websites and prank apps that can be used for trolling your friends. Let’s see what they are. 

Best Prank Websites To Troll Anybody

1. Love Calculator Prank: Best Prank Website

love calculator prank

This is one of the most interesting and best prank websites you can pull up on your friend. If you are pretty sure that your friend is secretly having a crush on someone and does not want to tell you. You can take the lead and pull up this prank on your friend. First, visit the website and register, they will provide you with the link.

Share the link with your friend and when they will open the link, they will find a love calculator. If they use it, you will instantly know with whom they are calculating the love percentage. They would be fooled but you will know the name. Isn’t it cool? Try it today. 

2. Peter Answers

peter answers

Peter Answers is a fools’ Paradise. When you open the link, it will ask for a petition and a question you want to ask. It will seem pretty genuine to you and you will feel that you can ask questions. But it will reply to you with the most annoying and stupid answers ever.

Fool your most annoying friend today. Let them go crazy while using these prank answering tools. It will at first feel like virtual Tarot that can predict your circumstances but your friends will be easily fooled by the interface and when they genuinely ask the question they will receive the stupidest answers. Try it today on your friends.

3. Hacking Simulator: Geek Typer

geek typer hacking simulator prank

Hacking Simulator: Geek Typer is an excellent and another best Prank website you can use to pull up an atrocious prank on your friend. Lend your friend’s laptop and open the link. Select a background like Visual Studio, MS Words etc. There are multiple screen options and to top the effect press F11 and make full screen.

There are options to automate and it will work on its own, giving you a feeling that it has been hacked and even if you do not automate, whatever your friend types will give some other result, making him or she believe that their laptop has been hacked. This is one of the crazy sites to prank your friends online.

4. Fart Attack

fart attacks prank

This is another hilarious pranking site online to pull up on your friends and close ones. Go to the website and add the extension and then lend your laptop to your friend. Change the settings such that while hovering, pressing a key or scrolling it makes sounds of fart. It will be overwhelmingly embarrassing for your friend to use it.

The sounds would not stop happening and it would really make a loud sound that would make your friend really uneasy. It will really be funny and make you laugh out loud. A real Fart Attack!

5. Fake Update

fakeupdate windows prank

This online best pranking website is going to take a toll on your friends or close ones on whoever you pull the prank. Take their laptop in their absence and open the link. Choose from the update screens available and make full screen by pressing F11. It would look the same as the screen when your system is updated.

If your friend presses random keys and then presses enter by any chance, it shows a crashing message. That would be hilarious if they fall for this prank. This screen will not leave the full screen until someone presses F11 and your friend will really keep on wondering what is wrong with their PC or laptop.

Best Prank Apps to Troll Anyone

So far you have seen some of the best Prank websites that exist online. If you are searching online to troll anyone using applications then now we will be digging more into the top crazy prank apps for Android and iOS users. We have wetted so many apps available on the internet and picked these below listed perfect pranking apps for you. These apps are available for All mobile users.

1. Dude Your Car for iPhone or Android

Dude Your Car for iPhone or Android

Install this best prank app on your phone and take a picture of your friend’s car. Make it look like it has run into an accident or car crash. This app can help you serve this purpose. Send the picture to your friend in the middle of the night and make him freak out of bed.

This app is amazing and you are going to make it look real. Choose the spot which you want to make damaged and in the image, part of the car will be absolutely damaged. 

2. Whitesnake

whitesnake prank app

Whitesnake is another crazy and funny prank app that aids you to make a Whatsapp chat fake screen. You can set up a fake chat and make it look absolutely real. Download this app today. And make some fake chat screens.

Prank your friends with the craziest fake chats that are going to make them go crazy. Just install the app and have fun. It would look exactly similar to WhatsApp and you will never understand that it is fake and not true. 

3. Ownage Pranks Android or iOS

Ownage Pranks Android or iOS

This Ownage best prank app will be going to make the prank even more fun. In the Ownage Pranks app, you can change your voice while you call someone and make some weird sounds happen during calls with someone. Send prank calls from random numbers to your friends and get their live reactions instantly.

This prank is really going to be hilarious and you are going to enjoy this. The calls can be customized and there are certain pre-recorded voices that you can easily use to trick your friends.

4. Fake Broken Screen Android or iOS

Fake Broken Screen Android or iOS

Take your friend’s phone and install this prank app to simulate a broken screen on their phone. They have crack sounds and realistic crack screens that would make you believe that the phone is broken when they suddenly see it for the first time. this free prank app is available for iOS and Android.

You may get some punches from your friend, be aware! This is going to go far and you are going to trick your friend to a great extent. 

5. Scary Prank: Scare Your Friends

scary pranks app

This scary prank app will be very scary, and your coward friends will be fainting seeing this horrible prank. This ghost prank app initially looks like a quiz game. While you’re playing the quiz, suddenly some creepy things appear on the screen and the reaction of your friends and recorded.

You can share the hilarious reaction of your friends in a friends group and have a lot of fun altogether. This is going to be a little creepier if you play this trick on your friend in the middle of the night. They will be scared to see this creepy game.

Conclusion For Best Prank Websites & Apps:

Oh! It must be really fun to get the idea of such funny and hilarious prank websites and apps to troll your friends or anyone you like online. You really want to take revenge for the prank pulled on you by your friend, then go for these websites and apps. These all are Insane prank websites that are hilarious to make fun of anyone.

You will absolutely love the above-mentioned latest prank sites and applications when people will fall for this. Be careful and wise while using them so that nobody understands they are being pranked. Make it realistic and enjoyable. Having fun is the ultimate motive. So, Happy Pranking!

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