15 Free Live TV Apps For Android in 2021 [Watch Free Content]

With the evolution of modern-day technology, people forgot traditional ways to watch movies or shows or their favourite shows like Television. these days most people are addicted to online content through different Free Live TV Apps For Android like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc.

According to surveys people are waiting for the release dates of their favourite web series and shows because every program is very interesting and nail-biting to watch. from drama to crime and romance to horror every genre is available to watch online now.

By going with the trends, today in this article, I will list out some of the latest and Free Live TV Apps For Android. let’s get started below.

live tv apps for android

Best & Free Live TV Apps For Android Devices

These Free live streaming TV apps for android will save your hard earned money by fetching you free content to watch anytime anywhere you want.

1. Thop TV

thop tv

With programs like Thop TV which Is one of the Free Live TV Apps For Android, you cannot miss your favourite programs. Thousands of high-quality free channels can be streamed on ThopTV for free without an account or subscription. You can see sports events, movies, entertainment and more in the program.

You have access to all concert sports programs and popular entertainment channels from all over the world. In this case, it is recommended to use a VPN application to allow access to the application under a different IP address.


aos tv

AOS TV claims that this app can host over 1000 channels. The interface is very simple, just search for your favourite channel that you want to watch, and you will see several links under the player. If a link doesn’t work, you can switch to another link.


ola tv

OLA TV Free Live TV App For Android is ideal for streaming US and Canadian stations directly to your phone to find live content in the US. TV channels are available in Spain, Germany, the USA, and Italy (only in several countries). This channel covers a variety of topics including general, kids, news, sports, movies, religion, music, and more.

4. TVCatchup

tvcatch up

TVCatchup allows you to watch UK satellite TV and cable channels. TVC is an Internet TV service used to watch free UK TV channels. Return BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, ITV, etc.

5. Mobdro


See Mobdro which is the most popular Android live TV app. It is a unique destination for live television, classified as film, entertainment, sport, music, technology, animals, games, animation, and spirituality. This app also includes popular TV shows available for download.

6. MXPlayer

In addition, the Times Internet Group has bought the popular Android player app MXPlayer. Companies use this platform as an OTT service to place original films, television programs, etc. on the Internet.

The company also offers free movies and TV shows as well as published content from advertising websites. The goal of MX Player is to represent a significant portion of the ever-increasing consumption of online content.

7. Red Box TV

redbox tv

Red Box TV is a Free Live TV Apps For Android with over 1000 live channels in 15 countries. Box TV offers built-in support for all popular media players. All you have to do is choose the easy-to-use Red Box TV media player and choose the channel you want to quit.

8. Flex Live TV

flex live tv

Unlike the other games on this list, you might have to put more effort into getting it for the first time, but the effort is well worth it. You can record your favourite shows from over 80 live TV channels. Support for Chromecast actors is definitely the best choice for users.

Likewise, you can use this picture-in-picture mode for multitasking while watching your favourite shows. All of these costs are around $4.99 per month, so it’s definitely worth it.

9. Yupp Live TV!

yupp tv live

When it comes to providing live TV broadcast and broadcast services, YuppTV and JioTV are closely related. It also excels in streaming those channels live from Yupp TV, allowing you to stream videos that will capture the first episodes recorded on Android.

At first, you can enjoy live TV completely for free thanks to the free signup bonus and the gift. You can also use the referral service to keep money in YuppWallet and watch TV programs for free.

10. Hot Star

disney+ hotstar

Hotstar is a freemium content provider and one of the Free Live TV Apps For Android for local and international content in India. This app works on free models based on Medium.

This template comes with free ad-supported content and premium subscription content. This app features a lot of real-time content from over 60 channels owned by Ru’s 21st Century Fox.

11. Hulu


Entry into the Hulu live TV service began in 2017. Previously, it was only used to host Hulu, a series of old and new TV shows, movies, and other infotainment programs. Now, with Sling TV and Netflix, we can provide our users with live TV shows and TV shows.

The content and presentation of the app are cost dependent, the advertising content is provided at an affordable price, and the live TV ad-free in a premium package. Hulu TVs can find higher prices starting at $ 7.99, but I think it’s worth buying. To access advanced content, you must first choose Hulu.

12. YouTube TV

youtube tv

YT TV is a premium content streaming (OTT) subscription service available in the United States. This includes ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, NBC, and other networks. This service offers Cloud DVR which is not limited by DVR storage space. YouTube TV accounts with personal connection and DVR.

This app offers over 60 channels in the US and can be streamed directly from your phone or Apple TV without a set-top box. The TV app gives you access to the best networks that broadcast your content.

13. Sling TV

sling tv

Sling TV is one of the Free Live TV Apps For Android in the market. The ease of use, number of channels, and user reasonable price make it suitable for all Android devices. The Orange package of the Sling costs $ 31 per month and $ 20 per month.

It integrates well basic sports channels, news, and entertainment. The blue package contains channels from $25 to $ 45 per month. Orange and blue can be incorporated into the package for a monthly fee of $ 40.

14. Airtel TV

airtel tv

Airtel TV is an application for live TV, movies, and TV shows, and contains dedicated sections for live TV and photography. This app is for Airtel SIM users only, but one of the advantages of this app is that it can run up to 5 devices at a time.

This app has a lot of Indian Bollywood Hollywood, Hollywood, and other cinemas. Airtel TV app offers all major channels from Sony Network, Zee Network, Network 18, and all FTA channels in India.

Airtel TV Features:

  • Live TV and Movies on all local networks in India.
  • You can easily access your collection by creating a personal eyeball.
  • Access to multiple devices Connects to all devices at once (up to 5).
  • Competition between genres: Comedy, Drama, Action, Thriller, Children, Science, Most.
  • Pause and resume functionality.

15. DirecTV


AT&T DirecTV quickly gained a very large user base. With more than 100 channels, this online TV show can effectively stream live TV. With TunerMedia you can expect more TV channels and a huge media library.

There can’t be any issues or errors in the program itself actually showing based on user experience, he said, but the DirecTV program includes new features such as entertainment, music, sports, news, and so on.

Summary of  Top 15 Android Live TV Apps:

To use the above-mentioned Free Live TV Apps For Android, you may have to pay a small amount to watch their premium content and most of the services and apps have a free trial and you can continue with that. With the urge of using a wide range of apps, there are so many fake apps that are raising their paths to steal users data by promising them some free content that is never shared with them. be careful while accessing those kinds of apps

So I hope you have got a clear idea about some of the best and free live tv apps for android OS. We have done a wide range of research before presenting these apps in this article. If you know of any other best free live tv app for android then let us know the name of the app in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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