20 Best & Free iTunes Alternatives for Windows PC & Mac

In today’s fast-moving world, the one thing to stay constant is the love for music among people. No matter what, people always prefer listening to music to enhance their moods. For years, iTunes ruled the hearts of people. With the entry of an exciting product called iPods, iTunes had a special place. But then, it had to be substituted. 

best itunes alternatives

In this article, you will get a brief on what iTunes is and a list of the Top 20 Top & Free iTunes Alternatives For Windows And Mac 2020 for you to use.

What is iTunes?


Apple developed a special integrated application which is a media player, media library, Internet radio broadcast and a utility application for mobile device management. This application was iTunes. It was initially designed for and gained much popularity because of the launch of iPods.

When iPhones became more prominent, iTunes lost its importance and so alternatives for iTunes were essential to be found by the users.

20 Best & Free Alternatives for iTunes

These are the best alternatives for iTunes that you can use as per your requirements. Have a look:

1. Amarok

Amarok 2.7

This is a uniquely designed software that is quite efficient in its performance on Windows, macOS, Linux as well as Unix. It also offers various advanced features like downloading and uploading songs to MP3tunes Locker and auto recommendation of songs and playlists as per each user’s interest. The users can also bookmark their audio tracks or podcasts so that they can easily pick up from where they had left.

2. TunesGo

tunes go

This is a wonderful software offered by the Wondershare brand. It is known to offer some really useful features that were not available even on iTunes. This software has an interface that allows backing up of the songs and other files which was not supported by iCloud. It also allows you to restore those media files from iOS which were not even backed up on iTunes. It makes for a perfect substitute for iTunes.

3. PodTrans


This is a precisely prepared data management software tool that is known to provide compatibility with PCs and iOS devices. It helps to handle content on multiple devices, thus providing more easy removal of any repetitions of songs or other files. This software also facilitates the easy transfer of music files from iPod to PC without any requirement of iTunes, thus solving the problem.

4. Winamp


This is special software that has been reinvented as a platform-agnostic mobile audio software, and as a conventional desktop software to bring all the music files, podcasts and other services. It supports iOS devices and PCs. It is an old application that has retained its importance. It provides a large selection of plugins and third-party extensions. 

5. Musicbee

getmusic bee

This is an integrated application that provides the facilities of an audio player and also of a streamer. It also allows easy transfer of iTunes libraries to Windows and Mac. It also removes any breaks between the audio tracks. Based on its special features, it automatically creates playlists for the users. 

6. Media Monkey


This media management tool is considered to be a powerhouse for its users because of its smooth functioning. It can manage huge songs collections and complicated music, audio and video libraries too. This software is popular for its ability to extract files from any source – whether it is locally stored or is in an online location.

7. CopyTrans


This is a popular alternative to iTunes. But, it supports only Windows PC and not Mac iOS. It is a very effective tool used for importing and exporting media files like music files, photos, videos and even contacts details from your PC to iPhones, iPads and iPods without the help of iTunes.

8. SynciOS


This is a preferred free substitute to iTunes. Just like its name suggests, it facilitates the users to sync their files like music files, videos and photos from their PCs to devices like iPhones, iPads and iPods. However, it cannot directly transfer songs to the iTunes Library and it can support only Windows and so does not act as a substitute for iOS devices.

9. Dr Fone: Transfer


This is an excellent and trustworthy software for transferring files from a PC to an iOS device. There is no limitation or restriction in carrying out this transfer. With the help of this application, the users can easily export and import their files without having to delete the actual data on the device. This does not require iTunes at all.

10. Fidelia


This is a quite different type of software as compared to others because it uses the concept of accurate wavelength. This concept is used to support a multitude of formats because it basically has increased the speed of conversions with the use of Izatope technology. This concept is generally used in music studios. This is what makes it a unique software.

11. Swinsian

This is a special software which has been carefully designed with unique features. The software is equipped with a strong interface. This enables the automatic identification of the Airplay ports which are available in nearby locations. This software also allows very easy navigation of files to the users. This software has ID3 tag editing capabilities, which is really helpful.

12. Double Twist

This software is very friendly to use. It is also quite authentic and reliable to use. The interface used in this application is very easy to use. The application provides good compatibility with PCs as well as iOS devices. The software also has a very helpful feature that facilitates its users to easily share their music and other media files with other users too.

13. AnyTrans

This is a nice alternative for iTunes which can easily restore the user’s data that has been backed up in the iTunes backup facility. It allows users to convert their different media files into different formats as per the requirements. This software allows users to play iTunes from even older iPods.

14. Foobar 2000 iTunes Alternative

This is an interesting alternative to iTunes. It supports iOS devices like iPhones, iPods, iPads etc. and also supports Andriod and Windows devices. It provides much gapless playback to its users for a smooth music experience. With its ability to provide an easily customizable user interface layout and other advanced features, it is a good alternative for iTunes.

15. Ecoute

This is a special kind of application because it has been designed with the help of features from the default music app core. This enables it to support all different important music features of iTunes like Equilizer, iTunes Match and Sound Check. This software helps with easy control of the music library and a smooth shuffling function while listening to music. It provides proper details of the artist, genre, composer, lyricist etc. which are prime to the song.

16. Vox

This is software that is quite similar to Fidelia. The application provides seamless integration without any sort of technical problems arising. It provides a very high quality of playing HQ tracks and good quality audios, making it a very good application overall to use. It is very easy to use and access and is a really good alternative to iTunes as well.

17. Tomahawk

This is an excellent alternative application for iTunes from which you can easily sync all your different accounts with your local collections to a single streamlined app. When this syncing process is done, the software extracts the most amazing version of the song that you want to listen to. This application is compatible with different online platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify and Grooveshark.

18. Sonara

This is a good alternative application for iTunes which provides the users with enough flexibility to view their iTunes library through album covers. It gives more attention to the visual layout. This layout is quite basic and smooth. It allows the users to browse on their left-hand side. It also indicates the option to view the queue at the bottom of the screen.

19. Vinyls

This application is quite similar to Sonora. A new feature that this application has been designed with is that the user can replicate their iTunes digital library as their Vinyl library. It also easily sorts different music tracks based on artists, albums, podcasts and playlists. This software also makes for a good substitute for iTunes. 

20. Enqueue

This is free software which is a good substitute for iTunes. It is quite simpler and basic than other music players. It is ideal for people who want to hear music without too much chaos in the application, and are only concerned with some good music. It is quick to use, has a clean setup and facilitates users to easily import their iTunes library to PC or Mac easily as well.

Sum Up:

These were some of the best alternatives for iTunes. Let us know in the Comments Section below in case you have any queries. Happy Music Folks!

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