Index Now- What Is Its Benefits, How to Activate Using Cloudflare

Indexnow is a tool initiated by Microsoft, which allows search engines to modify, alert the search engine when a new contact is added or removed from a page. Once the search engine is notified of an update, the app quickly crawls the index pages and the changes are seen in the search engine results.

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This is a tool that is open for all the search engines and allows all the engines to participate. For the time being, google and yanked are participating and others are expected to join soon.

Let’s see how Indexnow works

The process is quite simple, as there are a few steps that need to be done to adapt the indexnow protocol.

  1. By using Microsoft Online key generation tool and creating a protocol that is compatible with your service.
  1. At the corner of the website, save the website in text and name it after the key-value
  1. As you start submitting the page when the content is created, updated, or deleted.  This can be done either by submitting one URL or a bunch of URLs.

These steps enable a Website to use a push or a pull method.

Let’s see what is push and pull method

The # Push method is said when a server notifies up-gradation of a website

# Pull method is said when the website waits for the crackers to request the pages and then lets it discover the new changes.

Index Now is a great initiative for a better internet, as by informing the website if the search engine has created a new URL or changed the existing, modified it provides the content creator with an opportunity by providing a clear signal to search engines to prioritize the crawls for the up is by enabling them to get notified of the update.

Shortly social media is initiating to limit the crawling of the website by adopting Index now. Social media is also initiating a more open internet.

Let us see how to adopt Index Now API

For the developer’s it is very easy to adopt:

  1. Firstly you need to generate key support by the protocols by using the tool that is key generation tool.
  1. Then host the key in the text file and along with the value of the key root of the website.
  1.  Then finally, start submitting the URLs when the URLs are added, modified, or deleted. Then you can submit the URL or a set of URLs as per the call.

Once you submit this, a si. Please HTTP request containing the URLs changed the Key. 

Now let’s learn about the non-developers

For the non-developers, many platforms have adopted or are planning to adopt the index Now.  If the search engine is using one such platform, then there is no such thing that needs to be adopted.


Many websites like eBay,  Linkedin, Github, or money have adopted Microsoft webmaster, such URLs are planning to migrate to index Now.  If the marketer publishes content from your website then the content revives the recognition immediately.

Content management systems

Search engines encourage all the content to adopt the index so that they can get the benefits of the latest website and their website can be indexed immediately and they can minimize the crawl load on the website.

Using WordPress, which is one such source provided by Microsoft to support the index Now, And the others came to adopt as well, Another thing is a win is planning to integrate with thIndex nono, Then finally Duda will support the index Now in the coming weeks. Now with the help of all such factors, the output coming out would be amazing and will be of great help.

CDN ( content delivery network)

Cloudflare is such a platform that is globally available and it exists between the customers and the servers that originate between the customers and the originated content.

Cloudflare helps to see the trends that are originating between the crawlers and the bots to access the digital website agency that helps them to proactively send the signals on which they crawl.

Akamai is another lead-to-content delivery networks service that helps to connect and provide service which includes social media software delivery, commerce, and finance. Customers rely on the platforms to experience the latest technology and flawless service. Once Akam integrates with the index Now it will make the service even better.

Let’s leave how it be benefiting indexing

We already learned that once the website owners set the end signal to the search engines, they alert the URLs that it has been changed. This thing prioritizes the URL crawling and decreases the need for the explanatory URLs to check if the content has changed or not.

This reduces the time it takes to search for new content to be discovered.

Who all are adopting the index Now

Website Sites like Linkedin, MSG,  GitHub, are Websites that are planning to adopt Index now. It is an open-source that has been made available to the content management systems). Soon it will be adopted and integrated by another search engine as well.

The index now can help the entire industry to get their content indexed faster compared to before, along with Using fewer resources.


It will help to get the customers real-time and relevant information along with creating a better experience for the user. With this upgrade to another search engine, it will keep learning and improving on a large level. Along with crawlers that will help reach the goal and get maximum benefits that can surely help you in successfully implementing your model in a way that can boost the overall growth.

Majorly the implementation of it will be a great time saver as it will be making the websites more effective and reliable so that the content could reach the commoners at a very easy scale.

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