How to screen record on iphone 12?

One of the most basic features of today’s cell phones is the ability to record video. Should you find it difficult to describe particular tasks or procedures using your mobile phone, you may simply press a symbol to record your screen. Apple has made it easier than ever to record a screen on the iPhone 12 in the last few years.

However, initially figuring out how to operate the controls might be difficult. Fortunately, a few simple techniques may help anyone record video of everything that happens on the iPhone 12’s screen while listening to music.

In iOS devices, particularly on iPhone 12, is also one of the best features that allows you to easily record the screen of your iPhone or iPad. In September of 2020, Apple released iOS 14, which included a few new features like as Home Screen Widgets, the App Library, and smaller Siri collaboration and calls, as well as significant improvements to Apple Maps and Messages.

Regardless, since iOS 11, screen recording has operated in this manner on iPhone models. Previously, capturing the screen required jailbreaking the iPhone or connecting it to a PC and using third-party apps. As a result, it was cumbersome.

How to Screen Record on iPhone 12

way to screen record on iphone 12

The screen recording on the iPhone 12 and other iOS devices with similar iOS versions will be enabled by following the procedures below. In any case, actual panels and menu items may vary between gadget models.

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Step 1: To begin, go to your iPhone’s settings and make sure that screen recording is enabled in the Control Center, along with the other shortcut icons. To do so, go to your Home screen and hit the Settings button.

Step 2: If the screen recording icon isn’t already there in Control Center, you may add it in the Settings app. Open the Settings app, then Control Center, and then “Customize Controls” from the drop-down menu.

Step three. Tap the plus (+) symbol next to Screen Recording to activate screen recording. You should now see a Screen Record icon in the Control Center, which you can access by sliding down from the top-right side of your iPhone screen.

IPhone 12: Turn on the microphone

You’ll need your iPhone’s Microphone switched on if you wish to capture your voice while screen recording.

If you simply want to capture the sounds of an app, switch off the microphone but leave the ringer on on your iPhone.

The screen recording will be quiet if the microphone is turned off and your ringer is turned off.

Screen Recording on iPhone 12: How to Edit It

In the Photos app, changing a screen recording is the same as changing any other video. You can change your account’s beginning and ending dates. You may edit and save the video as an alternative clasp. It will have no effect on the original video, but you will receive a modified version that you may transmit wherever you choose. Follow these steps to edit a screen recording:

Tap on the video on your iPhone’s camera roll to view it.

“Edit” should appear. Finally, Toggle the arrow at the start of the movie to the right by tapping and dragging it. It’ll become a golden frame. Trim the video to just the sections you wish to keep by adjusting the frame size.

You may play the video at any time to make sure you like it.

Finally, press “Save as New Clip” once you’ve hit “Done.”

How to Use an iPhone 12 to Record a Screen with Sound

You won’t require a separate screen recorder application or sound chronicle programming if you need to record your screen. You may record your screen with sound by adding a free gadget for iOS and iPad to your iPad or iPhone’s Control Center. Of course, if your iPhone’s ringer is turned on, a screen recording will capture the internal sound. During the screen capture, you may also record your voice.

What Are the Restrictions on Screen Recording?

how iphone 12 screen record works

Screen Recording, for example, does not function everywhere. This usually occurs when some programs impose limitations on the usefulness of duplicate encrypted material when it is being played. If this is the case, Screen Recording may not start, the programme you’re trying to record may pause or freeze, or stopping the recording may result in an error message.

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If Screen Recording has been operating well until it suddenly stopped, rebooting your iPhone may be necessary. That should almost probably fix any issues with Screen Recording that are preventing it from working properly.

Screen recording has a wide range of applications. It allows you to record and share complicated cycles, as well as provide comments to application engineers, and that’s just the start. As a result, it’s critical to make sure everything is turned on right away. Ideally, you’ve addressed the issues listed above and are ready to go on. At the upper left of the screen, a running count of record time will show when recording. The recording will be stopped if you contact that timer.

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