How Does Technological Advancement Affect Digital Marketing?

Technology has a huge impact on businesses, as the increasing use of the internet and technology has eased the way of doing business. Technology has transformed digital marketing, as it has led to a more personalized environment integrating both brands and marketers. But the challenge with the business is to connect to the customers in real-time and create an effective campaign that attracts more and more customers.

Since people can now have a real-time chat with the brands, technology has changed the nature of marketing. Today according to the research around 50% of the marketers focus on the creativity part as it is the major driving factor in attracting customers. Today marketers focus on both technology and creativity to attract customers and this is important because these customers decide the ultimate future of the people.

But it would be a bad idea to forget about all the resources to adapt to the new technology because need to adapt their marketing strategy along with their thoughts to make a Brand successful.  So it is highly important to analyze all the possibilities and then adapt whichever works best for them.

The Incrementors web solution is one such answer to the query, as they provide ready-made solutions to the questions by different marketers. Today business needs to think Of a modern solution for modern customers, by integrating conversation and technology.

Let’s learn what customers need from the brands.

Let’s see the situation the other way around as it is the reason why blockchains and chatbots are growing in use. This feature allows the technology to be more of a tool for better communication rather than a tool to just transmit the devices.

Personalization –  according to the research around 92% of the business activities reported an increase in revenue in the year 2018.

Experiential marketing – when it is compared to digital marketing,  experiential initiates better as it creates a bond with customers and marketers so that they can have better returns on investment, and this measures the loyalty of the customers.

Mobile marketing

For futuristics and advanced companies, it has become very important to adopt and address a mobile web responsive design. This is important because according to the research when desktop conversion is compared to mobile conversion, the conversion rate in desktop as compared to mobile users is low. So as a marketer, you need to focus on optimizing conversion on mobile users to maximize your sales and grow your company.

The next step involves a better understanding of the needs of mobile users so that a web can be designed accordingly. Mobile responsive allows marketers to create a website that is mobile responsive so that it can have a great marketing impact.

Social media marketing

In the last few years, there is continuous growth in social media marketing. Let us understand why we need to create a powerful influence on social media.

  • The first reason is that around 4 million people use social media every day for chatting, posting, and other stuff.
  • On average a person spends 2 hours every day on social media surfing and going through different sites,
  • And more than 50% of the customers surf online before making their buying decision, therefore negative reviews and feedback affect the buying decision to a large extent.

Personalized content

As it is said that content is the ultimate king, therefore it is highly important for any marketer’s success. Coming up With the latest, updated, and relevant content helps the marketer to stay ahead in the competition. About 92% of the marketers focus on personalizing the web experience by providing easy navigation, tags, and meta tags, which is very important for the success of the company. Personalization is an important factor in generating the desired results.

Video marketing

According to research, videos and graphics have been the ultimate source to attract and increase the volume of traffic. Hence, it is the best way to generate traffic on the website. Businesses that focus on creating effective video marketing are likely to have Better Chances to succeed in the short run.

By doing little tricks you can make your website more presentable like adding codes to your website and social profiles, it helps to increase the traffic and hence boost sales converting traffic into customers.

Hence, there is no doubt that technology is changing and upgrading day by day, therefore the marketers have to keep evolving themselves to take the benefit more effectively. With this evolving technology marketing tactics also keep increasing to stay connected with the customers.

To better understand how to introduce new technology to a brand or a product the marketer can also use Incrementors as they can help them with the assistance of the company’s technology Team and legal department.

But the problem here is that the marketers do not know what to do not with the collected data.  For this, they need more technological guidance and without marketing intelligence that unites the data, the technology will not be able to produce the desired results.


Another common concern is the investment for marketers. Since technology has continued to shape itself by transforming itself to its better version and impacting digital marketing.

Therefore It is very important to stay updated with the technological advancements and how they are influencing the customer’s expectations as they ultimately help in guiding the right direction.

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