20 Games To Play Over Facetime [Specially for Couples]

Are you feeling lonely? Do you want to meet your lover? If it is so, then you are in the right place. It is difficult to stay far from your loved ones. Nowadays facetime and zoom calls have made our journey smooth.

games to play over facetime

Gone are those days when we can only call our lovers. Playing online games can make your relationship stronger and smooth. You can get to know each other. It is also one of the best ways to connect.

Best Games To Play Over Facetime in 2021

So, in this article, we are going to tell you the ideas of 20 games to play over facetime. Follow the article as we will discuss in detail.

1. Charades


There is no denying the fact that Charades is a wonderful game which you can play with your partner. It can be played by anyone. It is effortlessly played as there is no requirement of any materials. We are discussing how to play the game.

First, choose anything like a name of a place, book, animal, or bird. After that, start enacting those objects with the universal gesture. For the young players, choose easy objects like roses, dogs, cats, etc. Try to enact a little bit harder if you are playing with the adult players. The game can be fun and you can pass your time as well.

2. Boggle


Boggle is another interesting facetime game. The game will increase your knowledge. If both the partners have a Boggle board then place it. However, you must place it in such a way that both can see the board. Use zoom calls so that you can share the screen.

Now, set the timer and search for the words. First start with two lettered words, gradually, increase your limit. Mind it all these words should be there in the dictionary. When the time will end. Both of you read aloud your words. If both have written the same words, then you have to cross out those. The person who will write more words will win the game.

3. “Would you rather”

would you rather

The game “would you rather” is fun. Playing this game will give you immense pleasure and satisfaction. With this, both of us can get to know each other. You can make your partner choose between two things. In this way, you can get an idea of your partner’s affinity.

This game is easy to play. Search in Google some of the questions. If you are playing with any children then your question level should be of low level. Like you ask to choose between triangle and square. It is a fun game.

4. Pictionary


Pictionary is somewhat similar to that of Charades. However, there is no need to be a superior painter but you should possess great knowledge. You only need paper and a dark-coloured marker. The game is simple to play. You just have to draw a picture from your mind and have to share it on the screen.

Your partner needs to guess your drawing. Be careful not to enact or say something; otherwise, you will lose your marks. So, you have to be careful in this matter.

5. Two truths and a lie

two truths and a lie

This game is awesome and you can get to know many things about your friends. It is not always possible to know every detail about your friends. In this game, you have to write two truths about yourself and false information.

Try to write the false information in such a way which they would not be able to think. In the case of truth also, you need to write in such a way that your friends will not be able to realize it.

6. Truth or Dare

truth or dare

Truth or Dare is an interesting game to know various things about your friends. It is a perfect game to play online with your partner or friends. Here, you have to choose either truth or dare. If you choose truth then your friend will ask you one question and you have to answer that truthfully.

If you choose to dare then your friend will say you to do a daring activity. You have to do that task skillfully. However, you always have to give a dare to your friends in such a way that nobody feels uncomfortable.

7. Trivial Pursuit

trivial quiz

Trivial Pursuit is another interesting game by which you can easily pass your time. You just have to keep the board game with you. The one who is the host will set up the board for everyone. Now, read the questions to the people and ask them to answer. You have to fill the game with 6 of the coloured wedges.

When your turn comes, you have to roll out the dice and move it to different pieces. Now, try to answer every question that conforms to the colour you landed on. If you have given the right answer, collect the wedge in that colour.

8. Never Have I Ever

never have i ever

This fantastic game is the combination of truth and dare and two truths and a lie. The game will reveal special things which you were unaware of. Each performer puts two hands up where the other participants can see.

One player starts and says “Never have I ever…”, completing the sentence with something they have never done. For illustration, “Never have I ever swam in the ocean” or “Never have I ever kissed someone.”

9. Yahtzee


This game is entirely a dice game. Moreover, the kids seem to like this game a lot. The main purpose of the game is that you have to roll certain combinations of numbers with five dice. The game depended upon your fate and to some extent strategy.

Every player should maintain a Yahtzee sheet and their progress. You may also use an online dice roller and sheet. The host will start the game by rolling their dice. In this way, the game will continue.

10. Twenty Questions

twenty questions

The name of the game suggests that it is related to twenty questions. The game is based upon thinking and it also tells us how much your partner knows you. You have thought of one animal, for instance, a dog. You have to give a clue what thing you are thinking.

You can say an animal. Your partner can ask you twenty questions and you have to answer those by yes or no. This way your partner has to identify what you are thinking.

11. Battleship

The name of the game is stating that this game is related to war. The best part is that the game can be played even if you don’t have the board. Download the game board to play facetime. You need to hide your ships by shading. Be careful about where to hide them. Now, both the partners try to hit each other’s ship by reckoning the shaded squares. The main purpose is that you have to sink your opponent’s ship.

12. Read my lips

Read my lips is one of the finest games. You can play it on zoom and there is no necessity of any prerequisites. First, mute yourself and say something so that your partner cannot hear. The opponent party has to identify what you are saying by reading the lips. Give 3 to 4 times chance. If the player is unable to say then you are the winner.

13. Hangman

Hangman is a popular game which we used to play in childhood. Now, you can play it online. Select any word and then put a dash on its spelling. For example, you have chosen the word husband. Then tell your partner to guess the word. If your partner is unable to say then you need to give some clue. The player will start to tell each letter. In this way, you have to continue the game.

14. Build a story

This game can be played by any age group. We must mention that this game will give you a source of entertainment. First, you have to say one word, the next player will say another word. The third one will have to make a story with those two words. Now, again the first player has to add one word. This way the game will continue. Adding fun is the source of fun in this game.

15. The Alphabet game

The alphabet game will give you a source of fun. You can also gain great knowledge. The game is easy to play. You have to choose one word. Then your partner has to tell another word which has to start with any letter which is there in the word. You have to set a timer for it. If any player is unable to say any word then he/she will be considered as out.

16. Clap the song

If you are a music lover then this game is for you. One player has to choose a song and then the other player has to recognize the song. Be sure that your partner knows the song. You have to make your partner recognize the song by clapping. This way the game will go on.

17. What’s missing?

The name of the game suggests some mystery. This game is great for all types of ages. It doesn’t require many requirements. First, gather 8-10 objects from around your house. You’ll want to find small objects that will effortlessly fit on the screen for your companion to see.

Then, set a timer for about one minute. Permit your partner to research the group intently during that time. Next, have them shut their eyes. When their eyes are closed, you reduce one of the objects. Can they guess which one is missing?

18. Virtual hide and seek

If you are eager to play this game then you have to be well acquainted with the spaces of your partner. When you are playing online, you can’t hide in real. So, hide in such a place and your partner will search for you. This is a fun-loving game.

19. Last letter

The last letter is a challenging game for all of you. You can gain your knowledge. Choose some category and ask one of the players to choose any name from the category. The first person who cannot think of a word is eliminated, and the last player standing wins.

20. True and False

The name of the game sounds interesting. The game clarifying truth from falsehoods, and all ages can play this exceptionally simple game. There is no equipment mandated. The first player has to say some statement. The other player has to say whether it is true or false.


We have discussed 20 Games To Play Over Facetime Especially for Couples. We can expect that you have gone through the article. So, don’t waste your time and start playing the games with your partner. We are sure that you will enjoy it.

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