6 Best FRP Unlock Or Bypass Tools For All Mobiles in 2021 [Free Download]

With the evolution of modern-day technology, the use of Mobile Phones has become the day to day activity of our daily lives. The present scenario has made us much more involved in the mobiles and so we need the mobiles working absolutely fine 24×7. In this article, you will get to know about the Best FRP Unlock Tools that are available for free online.

So, it would be really hectic to take your mobile phones to the service centres and wait for a long time to get the phone in proper working conditions. 

frp unlock tools

What is FRP On Android Mobiles?

FRP is a beneficial feature when a phone is lost, the thieves might be struggling to access your phone. It mostly requires Gmail ID and password for resetting your phone.

frp google

But think, if suddenly you forget the Gmail ID or password? And you need to unlock FRP? That is the situation when the need for FRP Unlocking Tools arises.

Why Do You Need To Bypass/Unlock FRP?

The Factory reset protection or FRP is actually a feature that protects your phone from being anonymously reset by someone. The Factory reset protection allows access to security features that can protect your devices and their information, which includes locks and confidential data.

6 Best FRP Unlock Tools For All Mobiles: 2021

Let us dive deeper into the world of FRP Unlocking tools for mobiles now in 2021 to download for free without paying anything. These Best FRP Bypass tools will help you when you lost your mobile phone for sure.

1. FRP Hijacker Tool

FRP Hijacker Tool

FRP Hijacker Tool by Hagard is one of the most reliable and best FRP unlock tools mainly designed for Samsung Users. It is totally tested and can be downloaded after 2018. It is a very safe and completely free tool. You can unlock Factory Reset Protection within a few seconds and the features are vivid.

The user interface is very friendly and has On click FRP unlock. It can be used to fix soft bricks. You can enable and remove ADB. You can use the phone dialler for removing and bypassing the Google account on your device. It is compatible with Windows Operating System and all Samsung android mobile phones and tabs.

You can also use this tool to fix other bugs on your device. For working with this you should have the Microsoft Dot net framework installed in your device for computers. The working password for FRP Hyjacker is www.gsmhagard.com

2. Dr Fone

dr.fone frp unlock tool

Dr Fone is one of the most popular and best FRP unlock tools and bypass system with an overwhelming UI. You can easily unlock or actually bypass FRP locked devices within less than 5 minutes. It is a paid variety and you need to pay for it before you can avail of all its services.

It comes with a 7 days money-back guarantee. You can unlock the pattern, password, fingerprint, pin lock of any android device. Dr Fone is compatible with Samsung and LG devices, iPad, iPhone and Lenovo devices. It also supports android phones like Huawei, Motorola, OnePlus, Xiaomi and many more.

It is extremely secure and trusted by over 153+ million users. It requires a CPU of 1 GHz, RAM of 256 MB or more, 200 MB Hard Disk,  Android versions 2.0 and above and supports Windows and MAC operating system. 

3. Samsung FRP Helper v0.2

samsung frp helper v0.2

Another Samsung FRP unlocker will help you to remove the Samsung FRP pattern. It is another best FRP unlock tool that is easily downloadable and is compatible with Samsung devices. The tool can work even for desktop or laptop and has a great UI. This free FRP bypass tool is versatile and is accessible in cosmic system telephones.

It is free and the file size is just 3 MB. It should be used when your Samsung Phone is at least 70% charged. All the data will be erased using the FRP Remove. It can partially read your phone info. It can even auto-detect devices when the phone is connected to the PC. 

4. FRP D&G Bypass Tool

FRP D&G Bypass Tool

D&G is one of the best FRP unlock tool and bypass system. It is an unlocking software application compatible with windows and the tool is highly reliable. It can manage a large number of errors. It is an industry-standard tool and is even available for the common man who can rectify the mistakes in mobile phones. You can easily get rid of any FRP lock of the smartphone and can set up the phone properly.

You can manage to unlock pins, passwords, patterns etc. It is free and downloaded and mounted to fix any sorts of errors. The UI is great and has smooth navigation. It is compatible with most phone brands like Nokia, LG, Samsung, Oppo, Huawei and many more.

5. Pangu FRP Tool

pangu frp tool

Pangu is considered one of the most secure, reliable and best FRP unlock tools. It has a fast and seamless experience. It works wonders with Samsung smartphones. You can store the application easily on your mobile and there are certain models which may not be compatible with the tool.

It is actually helpful in omitting FRP lock security for android phones. They are compatible with Samsung, Vivo, LG, Xiaomi, Motorola, Tecno, Nokia and many more having Kitkat, Marshmallow Lollipop and Nougat installed. It can process the files and unlock a device.

It can even bypass Google accounts without even having any prior information. It has a small file size. It restrains any malware issue after the unlocking is done. It can unlock pins, passwords, patterns, facelock, fingerprints and so on. Pangu is overall a lightweight and easy to use application. 

6. ADB Flasher GSM Tool

ADB Flasher GSM Tool

It is another wonderful and free FRP Unlock Tool that is supported by Windows and the tool is extremely powerful and reliable. They work wonders with android mobiles and tablets. The tool is compatible with Samsung, LG, Oppo, HTC, Lenovo, Micromax, Huawei and many more.

You should actually have an ADB driver on your computer to use this tool. this working free FRP bypass tool can reset and bypass your phone whenever you need it. It is completely free and very easy to use. All the versions are equally compatible with this tool. You must have a USB cable to connect your device with your computer.

Final Words On Best FRP Unlock/Bypass Tools:

The FRP unlocking/Bypass tools are used for emergency purposes and should not be used for illegal purposes. Hope by the end of this article you have got the idea about the best FRP unlock or bypass tools for all mobiles and now you can easily get one if you are really stuck.

If you know any other free and best FRP unlock tool then comment on that tool in the below comment section and we will add it to this list. All the best!

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