20 Best FM Radio Apps for Android & iOS

Radio was the only chance for headlines and amusement in earlier days when the web was not accessible, and perhaps the most advanced fascinating technology was out of reach. Technology, advances and we gain access to a plethora of different amusements.

best fm radio apps

However, the ancient and sentimental feelings we have for Radio are still present in our hearts. Everything you require is a mobile phone and access to the internet. Let’s look at the top 20 radio applications for Android to relive the good old times while still staying up to date on songs and other radio shows.

Best Radio Apps for Android & iOS Devices

There are several radio applications on the Google PlayStore, but most of them aren’t prepared to take your time. Furthermore, specific applications are just available in a single nation. So, if you want to utilize a radio application, you’ll want to discover one.

And we attempt to provide additional information here to help you discover the best suitable application for you. So, have a quick look at the minimal information that will only require a few minutes.

1. Radio Garden

radio garden app

Radio Garden is an Android radio application. Try out Radio Garden, a one-stop shop for radio channels from all over the world. It’s a lot nicer than the constructed radio application on your smartphone. The radio functionality on several Android smartphones is broken, and this software would fix that. It runs excellently, and consumers may listen to regional radio channels by choosing a place from across the world.

Essential Characteristics:

  • There are over twenty-five thousand streaming radio stations available to listen to around the globe.
  • This software provides intelligent storing choices for your favourite radio stations.

2. Radio.net: radio and podcast app

Radio.net radio and podcast app

You may find each of the radio stations and podcasts in one spot. A further famous radio application for Android owners is Radio.net. However, this software is particularly well-known in Germany; users from all over the globe are welcome to utilize it to listen to global podcasts and radio programmes. The genres and kinds of stations and programming are used to categorize them.

Essential Characteristics:

  • Make a note of the radio channels you’ve lately listened to.
  • Mark the programmes and stations you want to watch so you can discover them quickly.

3. World Radio FM – All radio stations – Online Radio

world radio

I suggest World Radio FM listen to numerous online radio channels without paying a membership fee. It’s yet another famous free Android radio application. The most pleasing aspect of this radio application is the client-server, which is constantly willing to go above and beyond to make it work for you.

This application will provide you with a thrilling musical experience. Numerous musical channels broadcast songs from various styles and eras. So, keep connected and don’t get exhausted with your relaxation.

Essential Characteristics:

  • There are countless musical channels to choose from.
  • You could even watch a variety of newscasts, debates, and conversation shows, among other things.

4. Online Radio Box – Free player

online radio box

Online Radio Box offers a variety of options for making your free hour more enjoyable. This free radio app allows you to listen to songs and other internet radio programmes 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You do not have to enrol; you do not have to enter your credit card data or any other private details to use this application. Download it and begin enjoying your preferred stations. That is why I believe it is the most user-friendly application.

Essential Characteristics:

  • Create a collection of your favourite programs so you can discover them quickly.
  • This application’s Web edition is simple to synchronize.

5. Radiogram – Free Radio App


A Radiogram is the following option for you. It’s a great radio application that you could get for free on your Android smartphone. It’s simple to use this software, and it just requires a few seconds to find your favourite radio program. In this situation, you could utilize the search bar. To locate your favourite channel, recall its name and put it there.

Essential Characteristics:

  • Have access to all of your nation’s radio channels.
  • A well-designed programme with a straightforward user interface.


jazz music radio

If you’re looking for the most significant radio applications for iPhone that focuses solely on songs, try Jazz Music Radio. Because, as the title implies, it’s a musical radio application, you’ll undoubtedly discover plenty of music channels here. It is simple and free to use this software. There would be no undisclosed fees or commercials to interrupt your enjoyment of your favourite music program.

Essential Characteristics:

  • Juzz has 35 of its original music programs, all of which you will appreciate.
  • Could use CLock screen widgets to handle numerous aspects while maintaining your screen locked.

7. BBC iPlayer Radio

bbc sounds

We’ve reached the pinnacle of history’s radio application acculturation. So, to wrap things off, I’d love to recommend a highly famous radio application for your Android phone. You’ve probably heard of BBC iPlayer Radio. This application is particularly well-known because it transmits all BBC news bulletins in real-time. You no longer need to look for the BBC’s web page or another medium to keep up with the newest information.

Essential Characteristics:

  • Podcasts could be downloaded and listened to while offline.
  • Find and play audio and video files from many genres instantly.

8. Radio Online

radio online

Radio Online is the most straightforward application I’ve ever encountered. These applications’ functionalities are simple to comprehend. You don’t have to go through many hoops, like signing up or registering, and you could begin hearing right away after installing it. There are many radio channels to choose from, and an updated searching tool could assist you to discover your favourite. The audio clarity is excellent, and you can use this software with Bluetooth.

Essential Characteristics:

  • Enhance your favourite music channels by adding them to your favourites collection.
  • To listen to the songs and other programs afterwards download them.

9. DI.FM: Electronic Music Radio


DI.FM, a comprehensive human radio application with an extended digital musical platform, is worth a try. Created this software specifically to satiate your musical desires. It doesn’t matter wherever you are or however poor the connection is; you could, of course, use this android radio application to pass the day. Here you could listen to real-time DJ performances, sound streaming and a variety of other FM programmes.

Essential Characteristics:

  • There are over 90 famous musical channels to choose from.
  • Music is online a day, six days a week, and you can exchange your favourites with your buddies.

10. myTuner Radio and Podcasts

mytuner radio

MyTuner Radio is among the top Android radio applications you must try. This software is rumoured to have a slew of intriguing capabilities. It has a pretty basic interface that allows you to utilize it effectively. It makes no difference where you are in the world right now. If you could obtain Internet access, you could use this application from any place on the globe. It will not demand payment or bombard you with annoying adverts.

Essential Characteristics:

  • There are 1 million podcasts and 50,000 radio channels available.
  • Select from various categories, such as song, entertainment, talk programs, politics, games, and climate, to locate your favourite shows.

11. Radio FM

radio fm

Radio FM is the application I’d love to recommend to you, and the fact that it’s at the top of the listing means much to me. Well, it’s difficult to say what it requires as the finest Android radio application FM, AM, Song Shows, Daily Headlines, Climate, and Sporting events Updates, and, most importantly, podcasts are all accessible here in a large selection.

Essential Characteristics:

  • When you fall asleep, the sleeping timer will switch it off.
  • The user interface, like the layout, is simplistic but attractive.

12. Radio FM!

fm radio

You won’t require any additional equipment to operate Radio FM! On your Android phones and tablets, Yes, it functions with any internet access, including cellular networks and WiFi connections, and it includes many of the globe’s famous radio channels. It’s free to utilize and compatible with nearly all Android phones.

Essential Characteristics:

  • This application provides access to numerous radio channels in one convenient location.
  • It comes with a simplistic yet effective search tool that allows for fast and straightforward browsing.

13. Simple Radio – Free Live AM FM Radio & Music App

simple radio

Fifty thousand radio channels are waiting to brighten your day better; all you’d need is a basic radio application. Simple Radio, on the other hand, has a straightforward user interface and a straightforward design. Songs live games information, and climate reports are all available in one convenient location, as is customary. It won’t require long for you to discover a worldwide radio program that you enjoy.

Essential Characteristics:

  • It’s ok to locate your favourite listing with only one click.
  • Create a sleeping timer to shut it off once you go to bed.

14. Podcast Player

podcast player

Due to its extensive FM service, Podcasts Players is regarded as one of the most acceptable radio applications for Android Musical; concerts, comic performances, news, debates, and other programmes are all accessible here, and you may discover them by simply searching them. You may listen to numerous radio channels and make the most of your leisure hours.

Essential Characteristics:

  • With minimal bandwidth and storage, the user interface is quite simplistic.
  • It has audio from almost 70 different nations.

15. Jango Radio

jango radio

Let’s look at Jango Radio, which I suggest as a practical, personalized radio application for Android. As I previously stated, it is a customized application, so you could configure it and tailor your favourite events and programmes. Create a summary of the musical programs you would not like to skip and add to your favourites.

Essential Characteristics:

  • There are no commercial or buying requirements.
  • You could keep channels and return to them at any time.

16. TuneIn Radio: Live Sports, News, Music & Podcasts

tunein radio

TuneIn Radio provides free songs, information, climate, and sporting information. This practical radio application features practically every of the radio channels and radio features accessible in your area. With this application, you could listen to an endless number of streaming musical performances, sports headlines and podcasts.

Essential Characteristics:

  • Important news is carried 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Save and listen to your favourite podcasts later.

17. Podcast Player & Podcast App – Castbox


Isn’t it evident from the name that this is a podcast app? That is why you may wonder why you should retain it on your list of Radio applications. Whatever the title suggests, this is a very brilliant mix of podcasts and Radio. And I recommend it to you, particularly if you want to listen to both Radio and podcasts from one application.

Essential Characteristics:

  • Record and save podcasts and FM Radio shows to listen to when you’re not connected to the internet.
  • Here you can discover several audiobooks and video files.

18. Replaio: Radio FM Online & Internet Radio


It doesn’t matter where you are right now; this application will allow you to listen to the radio channels accessible in your nation. Replay is the name of the character. It is, in my opinion, the best radio application available, and I am confident you would understand once you know about its capabilities. Furthermore, you could discover plenty of radio channels to listen to and relax.

Essential Characteristics:

  • Over 30000 radio channels from all over the globe are available to listen to.
  • With a Bluetooth interface and a strong speaker, you may utilize it in your automobile.

19. Radio Player, MP3-Recorder by Audials

radio player

If you want to listen to millions of radio channels with just one application, try out Radio Player. However, this application includes 36,000 US channels, and it’s simple to search to find your favourite show in a matter of moments. There are numerous sound and visual podcasts accessible in this application, all of which are free to listen to. 

Essential Characteristics:

  • There are about 120 types of music represented in the music programmes.
  • This tool makes it simple to save the entire programme and play to it afterwards.

20. Free Oldies Radio

free oldies radio

Are you still nostalgic for the old radio scheme? You don’t need to be concerned because I’m about to show you an Android radio application that has all of the classic and traditional radio functions. It is, after all, Free Oldies Radio. The title suggests that it’s a free application based on the nostalgia of an antique radio.

Essential Characteristics:

  • It is possible to divert the station choices here.
  • A radio alarm, a sleeping timer, and a favourite channels playlist are all options.


It would help if you weren’t puzzled because all of these 20 applications are widely regarded as the most significant radio applications for Android with many delighted customers. They have sufficient extra features to keep you entertained for a long time.

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