How to Fix 0x80004005 Unspecified Error in Windows 10

Error 0x80004005 is the indicator that some sort of malfunction or malware is trying to access your system. The unspecified error, Error 0x80004005 in Microsoft Windows 10 is the system meets some impropriety which might result in file corruption, encryption, malware, data leak or transfer for misusing purposes.

Fix 0x80004005 error in windows

The error could be found while opening certain links, files, some specific apps, while you access your Microsoft office, Microsoft support service, drives, zip files, cloud space folders et cetera. You do not need to panic because there are certain steps or ways you can follow to protect or fix the unspecified error attacks your system.

Ways to Fix Error 0x80004005: Unspecified error  in Windows

Switch off your data connection and make sure you were not using public wi-fi. The most common and easy way for sharing some malware and encrypted data is through any wireless connection, pen drives, USB cable data sharing and cloud sharing of drives, files, folders, docs., links etc. 

1. Copy files & implement Troubleshooting procedure for file or folder

troubleshooting files or folders

This is an easy way to get rid of unspecified errors or Error 0x80004005. It allows restoring, erasing/deleting, amending or modifying files or titles. 

To fix the unspecified error 0x80004005 through troubleshooters:

Step 1: Turn off the internet

Step 2: Scroll the cursor down the right and click on the troubleshooter

Step 3: Open the problematic file or folder for troubleshooting and fixing the common issues for the files and folders

Step 4: Click the highlighted word on blue colour “Advanced” for implementing auto repair and troubleshooting

Step 5: Press the next button

Step 6: Click on the problem you are facing between the selection icons saying problem-related to deleted files, issues occurred because of renaming or sharing/moving, customisation of icons and folders or none at all. 

Step 7: Then finally open up the files after troubleshooter and saving them.

2. Scan the error & identify the flaws

scan folders or files

The issue might arise because of corrupted files so you can enable the System File Checker Scan to identify the issue and provide instant repair to your system.

Steps you can follow for system file checker scanning:

Step 1: Click on the Windows key and X key together for finding the access for the administrator “Command Prompt” in the admin’s space.

Step 2: Process the cleanup server and development image service and managing tool in window 10

Step 3: Click the scan now in the command prompt and run the system file checker scanner and after completion of verification click to return back to the home page.

3. Restore with file or drive with owner’s possession

restore files

The malware or error can destroy or corrupt the files or folders only if they have the access to enter and for that, you can stop them midway by owning the single ownership and access to the file by converting it to the file into a Zip folder and extract all the other decompressing access.

Points to follow for taking ownership of the file for avoiding the entry of malfunctioning elements or errors:

Step 1: Save the file’s software as a zip folder for owning the access in the windows 10 file and folders

Step 2: Open up the downloaded Zip file/folder and point the cursor over the Extract all icon on the top left side

Step 3: Install the software program after extracting all and set up Wizard

Step 4: Open up the new file and click upon the “take ownership” icon.

Step 5: Then upright the file which was showing unspecified error and click the Ok button for opening up.

4. Inspect and sterile boot for Microsoft windows 10

boot for windows 10

Scan through your anti-virus software and clean all respective boots and find out the unspecified error facing by Microsoft Windows 10. Strip off the existing program and turn on the window device with minimal driver. 

Step 1: Activate the scan running access by clicking window key + R key together

Step 2: Press “Misconfig” and ok the start running the command

Step 3: open up the general tab by clicking the selective startup

Step 4: deselect the load startup system

Step 5: click on use original configuration and load system service LSS together.

Step 6: Open up the service tab configuration

Step 7: Then there will be a Microsoft service checkbox, click the hide all button

Step8: Disable all the processing

Step 9: Click on the OK button for selecting the changes

Step 10: Open the new dialogue box for new system configuration 

Step 11: Now finally save the changes and delete the corrupted file and restore then reopen new configurations.


Hope the above article has been helpful for you and resolve your problem related to the unspecified errors or Error 0x80004005 you might face while opening some of the files of Microsoft Office, Microsoft documents, drives, cloud space etc.

with the intentions of corrupting the system, encryption of files or folders or documents and even drives, through malware or malfunctioning of irrelevant or error forming database.

Editing, correcting and fixing the error is an extremely easy procedure and for which you do not need to connect to an IT specialist or software developers or designs for fixing your so-called unspecified error or Error 0x80004005. Read the above-mentioned points or steps to follow and get a free and quick solution for your respective problem.

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