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The history of banking leads us to ancient Assyria & Babylonia where merchants started offering loans of grain within a barter system. (Barter System – This system was used before money was introduced where people exchanged good and services for good and services as per their requirements).

It was not until the Lenders in the ancient Greece and during the Roman Empire when they added two more significant innovations, one where they added money as a currency and they started accepting deposits. According to Archaeologists, in this similar period, countries like Iran, ancient China & India started showing evidence of money lending.

One of the first community banks to offer online banking is the FCBResource. This bank provides you with the convenience of 24/7 access to your accounts. You can sign up for online banking and access your accounts anytime if you are a FCBResource customer.

It is user-friendly allows you access your account at any time and from anywhere on the globe. To protect you from deception and data theft the banking system incorporates online security. In case you are having any problem or you want to login into your FCB account, just follow the basic steps mentioned below to enlist, login, and recover your forgotten secret expression.

Let’s learn more about FCBResource!

The place where a First Community Bank share, Inc which is a financial holding company is based is Bluefield, Virginia. This bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary that offers variety of options in the banking products and services.

The main objective of this bank is to focus on building relationships with the customer and have a long tradition of community and consumer engagement, dating back to 1874. Ranging from Grafton, West Virginia, east to Richmond, Virginia, and then west into northwestern North Carolina and east Tennessee, First Community Bank has more than 50 branch banking sites.

So, you get a worldwide access and exposure to your FCB Resourc account. This makes this bank effective and reliable.

Let’s read about the Login Process of the FCBResource!!

You can access your account by following the steps below, if you’ve signed up for online banking.
1. on your mobile or your PC, login to https://www.fcbresource.com/ from your web browser.
2. Type in your Client Login ID and press the ‘Go’ button, on the landing page.
3. Please enter your correct secret key on the new tab and press the submit button.

You will be directed to your online account once the bank’s online system verifies the validity of your credentials.

What should I do if I forgot my Password/Login ID?

You can always self-reset your secret word on First Community Bank’s website in case you don’t remember it. In case you haven’t changed your secret key, you should use the last four digits of your Government managed retirement number.

1. The first two stages of the preceding segments should be employed.
2. Choose the ‘Failed to recall Secret key’ option after being promoted to enter your secret word.
3. Please enter your online banking ID, email address, and an email topic, to help distinguish between a spammed and a legitimate email from the bank.

The bank will send you an email with a link to reset your secret password after it run your details that you’ve provided through its database.

How can one enlist On FCBResource effectively?

You can sign up for online banking services if you have a First Community Bank account.
To enlist, follow these basic steps mentioned below –

1. Click on the enroll icon once you go to the bank’s landing page.
2. following that enter your federal retirement aide number, your record number, and an email address after you’ve clicked “continue.”

You will be redirected to use online banking once the online banking system will find a way to check that you are the account’s legitimate owner. It will happen once the bank checks your documents.

What should a user do if he/she forgets the FCBResource password?

If you have forgotten or lost your Username or Password, Application ID, or registered email address, follow these simple steps and your problem will be solved. Is an FCBResource program or functionality working for you? Can you learn everything there is to know about the company including how to reach the customer service team, read reviews, stay up to date on FCBResource news?

If not, well here’s your answer to everything and this will indubitably help your kill all your queries.

• By going to the official website and resetting it, you can update your password.
• Press Search to find your account after you’ve entered your email address, name or username.
• In the inbox of your email associated with your account, Look for a password reset email. You can reset password by entering a new password once you’ve clicked on the ‘Reset Password’ option.

What are the problems faced by users while Fix FCBResource sign in problems?

These are some of the most common login issues faced by any users when they log into the FCBResource portal.

Let’s go through these points below to have a thorough understanding of these problems.

• It might ask whether you know what your admin password is. To reset the user’s login information click the “Forgot Password” button.
• Your username, email address, and password are all should be correctly spelled, make sure of that.
• If you are asked for a security code, complete the CAPTCHA verification. In case CAPTCHA isn’t working, and everything else fails too, you can request assistance by contacting the customer service.


FCBResource had provided a new way of banking that was gradually followed by all the other banks around you. With gradual increase in online payments and the increment in the significance of FCB Resource, a large number of people are joining this due to it’s efficiency and customer service.

I hope all your queries related to FCB Resource, starting from Login to Resetting it’s password, are solved. In case you’ve any more questions, let me know in the comment section. Share this article with your friends and family and give them information about the FCB Resource.

Thanks for reading.

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