Best Free E-Book Downloading Sites in 2021 [No Registration Required]

Everyone loves Free eBooks so it’s easy to find a list of the best free ebook download sites now. However, most free eBook download sites require registration information to download eBooks. For me, I do not want to register on the site only to download ebooks for free.

If you and I are in the same situation, this article should not be overlooked. In this article, we have collected 18 free e-book download sites without registration. Instantly check and download your favourite eBooks for free.

Here we are featuring some of the best websites where you can find free eBook downloads for mobile phones, reading devices, and computers. The best part is that copyright infringement is not involved. You don’t have to do anything illegal.

Best Free Ebook Download Sites

Top 18 Best Free Ebooks Downloading Websites

These are websites where you can legally download free books. For easy viewing, there are three categories: no registration required, no account registration required, and free trial sites.

1. Project Gutenberg

project gutenberg fro free ebooks

If you are interested in reading classic or historical books, you can always find ProjectGutenberg. As one of the oldest free eBook downloads, there are currently over 60,000 free eBooks in our library. The subjects cover music, history, education and novels.

Another great feature is that the content is fully digitized and carefully edited by thousands of volunteers around the world to ensure quality and readability. Another thing to mention is that you can download ebooks for free without a subscription.

2. Z Library

zlibrary ebooks site

Z-library is one of the largest online libraries in the world. It currently offers 4.8 million books and 75,300,000 articles for free. If you look at the website, you can see that there are also many recently published books which are very attractive.

There are two ways to download free ebooks from this site: download ebooks without registration and use the same service on the site. Please note that if you are already e-mailing free e-books, you will need to register for the online library first.

3. Get free books

getfreebooks site

GetFreeEbooks is one of the free ebook download sites that combines authors and readers. There, readers can download eBooks for free, legally and for free at any time without registration. Also, here are some book reviews to help you figure out which book is right for you. So if you want to find a book to read, but don’t know which one to choose, read a few reviews before you download. Is this another way to save time and money?

4. Open Arch

openarch site

Open Library This is a library that can be edited in Open, and you can download eBooks for free without registration. You can download over a million free ebooks. It encourages users to provide resources for editing a variety of content on the website to keep the eBooks up-to-date and educational. Open Library also supports digital lending.

5. Internet Archive

internet archive site

This Best free e-book downloading site called as Internet Archive offers more than 20,000,000 downloadable books and texts. Online libraries encourage library content owners and reading communities to digitize print and use it for the benefit of all. It mainly provides old historical or academic books.

Readers can read online without registration or download ebooks for free. You will also notice that there are several formats to download these free ebooks.



If you’re looking for free computers, math, tech books, lecture notes, and more, go to In 13 top-level categories and over 200 subcategories, they are appropriately categorized by subject.

Please note that all books published on this website are hyperlinks to other pages (such as Google search results) on the Internet. Thus, e-books are always 100% free.


book boon site

Bookboon works with leading experts and academics to create high-quality textbooks and eBooks for business, but over 1,000 free textbooks are available for free download. If you are reading a professional ebook, you will need to purchase a premium subscription. Plus, you don’t need to register to download manuals, just answer a few questions.

8. Freetechbooks

freetechbooks is very similar to and is a legitimate offering of free computer books, manuals, and distributions. A good review of the website revealed some books that can only be read online, and others that can be downloaded for free without registration. Most of these downloaded books are in PDF format.

9. Baen Free Library



Baen Free Library has many eBooks that you can read online or download for free. No conditions are attached other than the current conditions. Depending on their introduction, you may need to register to read or download these free ebooks later or later. It’s worth sharing what’s available to choose from a variety of download formats.

10. Planetary eBook


Planet eBook’s interface is a very clear ebook download site you can choose to get famous classic ebooks in pdf, Mobi, epub format. There are display ads on this site, but it doesn’t promise pop-up ads like many other free resource providers.

11. Novelty update


If you are looking for translated books, NovelUpdates is a good website. There are dozens of translation teams every day to upload new novels in English.

12. iBookPile


If you are looking for a free romantic ebook, iBookPile can offer you hundreds of different books. There are also other types of novels, such as fantasy, thriller, and science fiction.

13. FreeBooksy


FreeBooksy has several new eBooks. They’ve also compiled a list of New York Times Best Selling Books and Amazon’s Book of the Month, so you can read some of the most popular books today.

14. ePubBooks



ePubBooks offers a large number of eBooks in different genres and categories. You can find free romantic love e-books, detective novels, and self-help guides on the website.

15. Ebook hunter



The Hunter eBook is a small site but it is one of the best free ebook download sites with a wide variety of love stories. If you cannot find a specific book on the website, you can request a download of that book here.

16. Bookfi


Bookfi owns 2 billion books, making it one of the most popular multilingual online libraries in the world. More books are added to the database every day.

17. OpenLibrary


This is one of the few sites where you can find technical manuals for free. Many of their books are for material and medical purposes, but you can find novels as well.

18. Authorama


This public domain website offers a variety of free e-books. You can find ebooks from classic authors such as Lewis Carroll, Emerson, and Kafka. Authorama typically charges a fee for most titles. However, there are also a few free ebooks.


That was all about some of the best free ebook downloading websites you can find online anytime in 2021 and with the evolution of technology most people are showing interest to read books online in the form of pdfs. You can pick any site according to your preference and category to download and read your favourite stories and novels online for free.

Some of the site listed above will provide royalty-free E-books where you can share those books with your friends for free. We will keep on updating this list of sites for you. if you know any other good site, please let us know in the comment section below to add them to this list of sites. Thanks for reading.

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