150+ Best Tinder Taglines for Guys in 2021

Are you sick of dating services that require you to answer a series of questions so they could figure out who you’ll get along with? Seeking a dating application that enables you to assess your interoperability? If that’s the case, fuel might be the app for you! Tinder is yet another dating-oriented social networking platform.

Tinder is a dating application for smartphone devices. It assists you in finding the ideal connection for you in the most efficient manner feasible. Tinder taglines provide a sneak peek or impression of your lifestyle. It could be tough going, so be careful not to commit a mistake.

This post would provide a brief overview of Tinder and lead you through a few of the greatest tinder taglines for making your account more intriguing and appealing.

best tinder taglines

What is Tinder, exactly?

Tinder is yet another social networking application utilized for matchmaking, talking, and meeting new individuals in your area. Tinder accounts are rated, liked, or disliked based on their photos, biography, shared interests, and, most significantly, tinder taglines.

Tinder taglines are shown at the top of your account and draw the audience’s interest. Because it connects to their Facebook page, the signup procedure is likewise completed in a matter of moments.

It’s also much simpler to get into the application because we wouldn’t need to respond to many questions while building a tinder profile. All individuals are regarded “matched” based on similar hobbies and preferences and could continue additional interactions, possibly leading to dating.

You could swipe right to approve or left to dismiss any account that is given to you. You’ll be allowed to exchange texts with one another if you and one of your recommended connections both like each other’s profiles.

How does it function?

  • Consider Tinder to be an interactive dating service. Tinder caters to those seeking informal, short-term relationships. It is a swipe scheme that instantly meets your interests with those of other individuals. It does not waste your hours by asking questions. To learn how it functions, perform these steps:
  • You may join up for Tinder for free using your Facebook profile after installing the application (link).
  • Tinder would use your Facebook account to extract general details such as your first name and age.
  • You may improve your account by adding additional details and photographs of yourself.
  • Tinder would suggest individuals connect with depending on the details you provide in your account.
  • Swipe right if you prefer someone’s profile and left if you wish to reject them.
  • You and another person would be allowed to exchange each other communications if you both appreciate each other’s accounts.
  • If you click, you can set up a face-to-face meeting.

Taglines for Tinder:

Tinder taglines are the brief descriptions of your personality that display on the profile’s main screen. It expresses who you are as an individual. It will be the first element that a user observes and is drawn to. Slogans draw attention to your account and are used to make judgments about you.

As a result, it’s critical to create a catchy slogan if you want to earn the right swipes.

Certain males have a profile statement that turns females off. Although your bio might be a simple approach to increase the number of connections and improve the quality of your interactions. Here are some easy suggestions to help you create a masterpiece of description writing and tinder taglines:

  1. Grammatical errors: If you make grammatical errors frequently, be cautious; your match might assume you’re a fool. As a result, double-check your grammar, spelling, and capitalization wherever possible.
  1. Humour is essential: Sensuality is all about eliciting feelings. Making a female laugh is the simplest method to accomplish this.
  1. Challenge/screening: This is where you expressly state in the profile that “simple girls need not apply,” “no short girls,” or “I am a trouble uncontrolled little girl.” Although this communicates that you possess high standards, it could sometimes become arrogant or too effortful, which attracts toxic/emotionally damaged females.
  1. The genuine healthy bio: This is where the formula I mentioned earlier comes into play. It contains information regarding you, her, an upcoming adventure, and a call to action. 

2021’s Best Tinder Taglines for Guys

Here’s a collection of a few of the finest taglines for males that you may utilize to begin a talk and get right into it! These taglines would get you to swipe right away.

  1. I’m not implying I’m a poor date; I’m simply asking if you like to have some McDonald’s
  2. Interested in meeting new people and seeing what happens?
  3. I don’t have bad dreams; instead, I make them up.
  4. Your family will like me, but your neighbours aren’t going to like me.
  5. The type of boy who will take you home to your mother but blow you away on the way.
  6. You’ll never need to be concerned regarding me abandoning you.
  7. I used to be a stand-up comic actor, but if you’d like to contact me for a drink, I’ll become a sit-down comedian.
  8. I enjoy always smiling; will you be the reason for this?
  9. Would you be able to grab me if I fell in love with you?
  10. There are no pimples on this guy, but he does have a dimple.
  11. I enjoy spending time with my parents and playing soccer with my father. I enjoy producing songs and providing simple, optimistic answers to my foolish buddy’s love difficulties.
  12. A duet companion is needed by the skilled shower singer.
  13. If you’re merely seeking hookups, don’t bother contacting me.
  14. If you’re on Tinder, don’t judge.
  15. I’m looking for somebody to accompany me to social gatherings who appears fantastic on the arm!
  16. You appear to be my next blunder.
  17. There will be no hookups, only love
  18. I’m not interested in astrology at all. Sort yourself out appropriately.
  19. To advertise me to you, I do a lot of yoga sessions. Do you believe you’ll be able to follow up?
  20. Pizza is my second favourite bedtime snack.
  21. What I’m searching for is a pleasure. Would you be the source of my joy?
  22. My thoughts are constantly blank. Because I am a passionate thinker.
  23. Better looking in heels than you, enjoy cheerful individuals, Italian food, films, and live performance, and am open to most topics, but let’s begin with a pleasant date.
  24. “You’d be insane if you didn’t swipe right.”
  25. “Wedded. A bunch of youngsters. I’m seeking for little fun on the side. Just joking. I’m single and seeking for somebody to accompany me to family gatherings, so they don’t assume there’s anything wrong with me.”
  26. I am both a refined and a wacky individual. I am willing to go to any length to have a good time.
  27. Love is a bond between two people. Allow it to connect. Decide on a date.
  28. Love, in my opinion, is not a gift. Your heart is the cost.
  29. A minor change is always preferable to a pointless quarrel.
  30. I don’t wish to be like everybody else, so I’m different.
  31. Let’s all be miserable at the same time.
  32. You are entitled to an opinion if all you can see is yourself.
  33. The scent of romance is in the air. So, why couldn’t you experience it when you were breathing?
  34. I live a harsh life, but I am not a judgmental person. I am intelligent enough to deal with it.
  35. You are entitled to an opinion if all you can see is yourself.

Taglines for Dirty Tinder:

  1. Being a little sassy and forthright could help you grab those contact information. With these, you can try your fortune.
  2. The very first element I seek in a beautiful girl is brains. Because unless she has that, she’s mine.
  3. I cuddle at a level that would necessitate a monthly fee.
  4. Seeking for somebody to share my golden years with.
  5. One more night has passed.
  6. There will be no hookups, love & I’m interested in meeting different individuals and seeing what happens.
  7. I’ve been in a bad relationship. Let’s repair our previous errors together if you agree.
  8. Let us give it a shot.
  9. Wait! Is it true that I’m in paradise? Because I’ve only seen a portion of it.
  10. Would you be the one to make me smile all the moment?
  11. I’m preparing for a major vacation overseas and looking for somebody to accompany me. You have the option of selecting the location as well.
  12. Only a step away from the correct swipe, a magnificent life awaits you.
  13. I could die happy now that I’ve seen a little bit of paradise.
  14. Somebody constantly changes my lock when I discover the keys to success.
  15. I’m just a prince in search of his Cinderella.
  16. Experienced vocalist in the bathroom. I’m looking for a duet companion.
  17. I enjoy being honest and dealing with individuals who are honest with me.
  18. Your eyes are stunning. Oh, you just blushed, didn’t you? After that, swipe right.
  19. I’m 6 feet 4 inches tall. Those are the two figures.
  20. There will be no lying, cheating, or drama.
  21. I am not flawless, but I am certain that I am a truthful person

Funny tinder Taglines:

Here are several excellent smoking Tinder taglines that can come in handy today if you’re looking for one. You could also use these as inspiration to create one on your own. Could you give it a go?

  1. Do you want to go on a date with me? The probability of achievement is best, but you’ll almost certainly run out of breath.
  2. So, what do we have to lose?
  3. Bachelors with the most potential
  4. I enjoy having academic discussions followed by rough sex.
  5. Let’s all get heavy and drunk together before attempting the seafood diets!
  6. even though I possess many passports, I am not a spy. Inform me where you want to live, and I’ll marry you there to get you in.” Your mother would adore me, unlike my mother and stepmother. Isn’t it true that the third time’s the charm? Then it’s on to windsurfing classes. To participate, swipe right!”
  7. “You’d be insane if you didn’t swipe right.”
  8. “It’s a good thing I swiped right.”
  9. ‘Swipe right, this is your future!’ I’m YOU from the future, and you’re telling me.
  10. So, here’s the agreement: I’m a bright, educated, and nice person who recently completed his MBA and now works in a well-paying position in a different place. So, if you swipe right and think the man in the photo appears like a good man, like and we’ll meet for coffee. Ready? Swipe!
  11. If you’re a true 90’s kid who remembers your idealism being snuffed out by a soul-crushing recession that wiped out any employment chances, swipe right.
  12. I enjoy discussing all of the topics that you are not allowed to talk about in civilized society.
  13. Send me an emoticon representing our first date, and I’ll send you an emoji representing our future
  14. 73% gentlemen. Rogue is 27% of the population.
  15. Exceptional dude.
  16. “Let’s give it a shot.”
  17. Exceptional gentleman.
  18. Don’t Give Off the Impression That You’re Divorced
  19. I’d rather ruin your lipstick than your Kohl (kajal).
  20. I’m quite beautiful and over 6ft *scattered applause*and emotionally self-aware *crowd erupts into standing ovation*
  21. I’ve heard that I’m a fantastic human-shaped space heater.
  22. Our genitals would not bang if our chats do not.


If you want a dating application that leaves a bit extra to opportunity and enables you to decide compatibility for yourself, try Tinder, but with a few appealing and intriguing tinder taglines.

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