40+ Best Telegram Movie Channels In 2021 [Download or Watch Free]

Today, cinema halls have come to our doorstep, with almost all the movies and web series available on your tiny mobile screens. We can now watch any movie of our choice, whenever we want to. It has become so convenient for all of us.

However, with so many OTT platforms providing different sets of movies and web shows, it becomes difficult to decide which platform to subscribe for. These different brands of OTT platforms too are increasing at a rapid rate and no matter how hard we try, we are sure to miss out on some of the movies and web series that we want to watch. To solve this complex problem of ours, Telegram has come to our rescue. 

best telegram movie channels

In this article, you will be able to get a brief on what Telegram is, how it works and a list of the Best 44 Telegram Movie Channels 2021, which have been bifurcated based on the languages, that you can join to enjoy the most amazing collections of movies that you can watch.

What is Telegram?

Launched in 2013 by a Russian, Telegram is a message based application that allows communication amongst 200,000 people at a time by joining a group. This large capacity of members who can join the same group is what makes Telegram more popular. With Telegram, there are different types of channels created in which people meet up and communicate based on their interests, by joining different groups like channels for political news, for sports, and for movie channels as well. 

Telegram is also popular because it allows sending and receiving of extremely rare large videos within a very short period of time. This facility is not offered by any other social media applications. This is another feature of which makes Telegram a very popular social media application among people these days.

What is a Telegram Channel?

A Telegram Channel on Telegram is just like a group of people that is made on other social media applications. Through Telegram Channels, people can share the links of educational clips, news articles, movies and web series, and other useful information which are in relation to the interest of that particular channel.

So other people who have joined the group can access those links and download their favourite content, movies or web series easily. These channels are popularly used for watching and accessing movies and web series.

The Best Telegram Channels for Movies

There are so many channels available on Telegram that you may be confused as to which ones are the best for you. We have made your work easier by selecting and listing out the top Movie channels on Telegram based on different languages. Have a look:

Hindi Language Movie Channels on Telegram

Hindi Language Movies are the essence of the Indian cinema industry. The Hindi Language Cinema is also referred to as the Bollywood of India. It is very popular across the world. It fascinates not just the Indian audience but it has also managed to create a strong fan base outside India like in Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, and Nepal.

Not just that, but Indian ethnic groups in foreign countries like the USA, the UK and Canada are also crazy about Hindi Bollywood movies. Bollywood actors and actresses are also quite loved across countries. These Hindi movies are easily on Telegram too. Here is a list of all the best Telegram Channels for Hindi Language Movies that you can watch:

  • Desi Movies 
  • Hindi CinemaHub 
  • Hindi Dubbed CinemaHub 
  • Hindi Old Movies 
  • Wm Films 
  • Hindi Latest Movies 
  • Movies Series 
  • New Release 

English Language Movie Channels on Telegram

English movies, especially American English movies, have been popularly termed Hollywood movies. These movies are very prominent across the world because a majority of the global population understands English and prefers to watch these movies. These movies are not only popular in English-speaking countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada, but they are also popular among other countries like India. Hollywood has marked its special place in everyone’s hearts. Here is a list of the best Telegram channels where you can find almost all the English movies that you wish to watch:

  • Cinema Company official
  • Movies Paradise 
  • Multi Audio Movies 
  • New Release
  • English CinemaHub 
  • X265 Movies 
  • YIFY Movies 
  • Marvel Movies 
  • Movies Empire 
  • Movie Series 
  • Movies INC

South Indian Movie Channels on Telegram

It is a common misconception when South Indian languages are all clubbed into one and referred to as a single term. But in fact, South Indian languages include four languages – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. 

Gradually with time, these movies have grown in their prominence. South Indian movies have been considered to be the ones with fresh concepts, and a good amount of action, romance, and comedy involved in it. This infusion of all different emotions and elements into a single movie has made South Indian movies much liked by a large mass of audience, which has people other than South Indians too.

With the help of subtitles available on different OTT platforms, watching and understanding these movies has also become quite easy, and thus makes it more accessible to a larger crowd. Here are the best channels which you can join to watch movies in all these four languages.

Telugu Language Movies

  • Telegu Moviez 
  • Telegu Movies 
  • New Telegu Movies 
  • Telegu Movies HD 
  • All Telegu Movies 
  • Telegu Cinema Hub 
  • Telegu Dubbed movies 
  • Telegu Movies 2

Tamil Language Movies:

  • Tamil rockers 
  • Tamilmv.cz 
  • Tamilmv official 
  • New Release 
  • Tamil Moviez 
  • Tamil Thriller movies

Malayalam Language Movies:

  • Malayalam Latest Movies 
  • Cinema World 
  • Malayalam Movies 
  • Mollywood Diaries 
  • Movies Series 
  • Malayalam Movies 2 

Kannada Language Movies:

  • Kannada movies 
  • Kannada rockers 
  • Kannada Movie Rockers 
  • Kannada HD movies 
  • Kannada New Movies


These were some of the best channels for movies as available on Telegram in all the prominent languages which you may want to join to watch your favourite movies. We hope this article helped you out. Let us know in the Comments Section below, which other Telegram updates you would like to get or the channels for which other languages of movies you would like to know next. Happy Movie Watching!

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