Top & Best Overclocking Softwares For Windows 10 OS [Free To Download]

With everything digital now laptops or computers have become extremely important. We need to use it for our daily work, to attend online lectures, work from home, or just to watch something or play games. Most devices use Windows for our basic applications like Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

The latest Windows available is Windows 10. Windows 10 has a lot more features, and functions than the older versions are not able to offer. It also works faster and better. But sometimes, you may face trouble having a lot of tabs open up on your PC.

best overclocking softwares

Why Should We Use Windows Overclocking Softwares?

When you open several tabs and applications on your laptop or computer, it starts acting out, and you are unable to use any keys to revive it. The screen freezes, or it works extremely slowly. You might think it is due to a virus, which it may be if you don’t have an antivirus installed.

However, most of the time, it is due to the pressure on the processor and its speed. But wouldn’t you want your pc to work faster and be able to handle so much? Yes, exactly why we use the Best overclocking software to speed up the functioning of our computers.

Overclocking is the process of increasing the clock rate, that is, the speed at which the processor runs; a computer exceeds the number certified by the manufacturer. The major reason to use overclocking software is to increase the speed of a given component for its performance.

What Are the Benefits Of Overclocking?

overclocking benefits

Generally, the target of overclocking is to increase the performance of a subsystem, like the main processor or graphics controller. But other components, like the system’s memory (RAM), can also be commonly involved. The overclocking software will help to increase the power consumption (heat load), cooling effect, and a longer lifespan for the targeted components.

Most modern devices can bear the load of overclocking, but all devices have a certain limit. Most of the devices have a ‘stable’ that they can handle. After this speed, the device starts giving inaccurate data on the screen, which causes malfunctions and freeze the system.

However, in a computer, the usual result is a system crash, but they’re also these subtle errors that go undetected, which over a long time lead to unpleasant problems.

15 Best Overclocking Softwares For Windows 10

Now that you have understood what overclocking is, you know why it is important and the need of the hour. Especially when it comes to your Windows 10, it too has its limits and needs to be kept in check and up to date to increase its speed and pressure load.

Thus, given below are the 15 best overclocking software for Windows 10, according to us!

1. EVGA Precision X

EVGA Precision X

This software is one of the best overclocking software quite compatible with most other overclocking devices or upgraded systems compared to the originals. Its main function is to fine-tune the system with controls over the voltage, memory, and GPU.

It offers an On-Screen Display user interface along with fan control that has a custom-made fan curve and system profiling that utilizes the Pixel Clock Overclocking is one of the few noteworthy offerings.

2. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is an overclocking software that allows you to assert control on your Graphic Card. If you’re not an experienced user of overclocked systems, this software is definitely for you as it provides an easy interface.

It is completely free, and you can explore overclocking and bump up the performance of your hardware. You also receive core memory accuracy control with the MSI AfterBurner.

3. AMD Overdrive

AMD Overdrive

If you own an AMD processor, the AMD Overdrive is one of the easiest overclocking software for you to use. To use it on Windows, you will have to install it. The speed and voltage of this CPU are adjustable. It consists of an easy interface and a simple design that makes it such great software for overclocking.

4. Intel Desktop Control Center

Intel Desktop Control Center

The Desktop Control Center is Intel’s first attempt at an official overclocking software. It possesses an effective single-click overclocking feature along with a heap of processor and memory controls that are constantly reporting.

5. Intel XTU

intel xtu

The Intel XTU is another best overclocking software quite easy to use and wonderful for both beginners and advanced users. If you have an Intel processor, this is the most suitable software for you. Intel XTU allows you to monitor your system, maximize your processor’s ability, and analyze its temperature, along with the freedom to change its voltage memory, graphics as you like. But beware of compromising the workings of your system.

6. Motherboard Tools

motherboard tools

Each company has its tool that will only work that particular motherboard or chipset. Like ASUS provides its AI Suite and TurboV tools and the way Gigabyte offers its EasyTune series. Other manufacturers provide you with their motherboard tools, so find its system tool or, if available, its windows based overclocking app.

7. CPU Tweaker

cpu tweaker

CPU-Tweaker can be compatible only with processors that have memory controllers embedded in them for example, the AMD Phenom, Intel Core i5, i7, or more. CPU Tweaker is specifically designed for such processors.

So, if it doesn’t work with others you can try MemSet which is equally powerful. They may seem a little difficult to understand. Nevertheless, they are one of the most advanced free overclocking software and so are worth learning about!

8. SetFSB


FSB (Front Side Bus) is what forms the primary connection between your system’s memory and its CPU. This helps to enhance your system speed automatically. SetFSB does exactly that and helps you adjust the capacity of your system. This is the best overclocking software when it comes to what it does perfectly.

9. Riva Tuner

Riva Tuner

Riva Tuner is one such overclocking software that works well in every way possible. They are known to perform best for all Nvidia and ATI graphic cards. It manages the system and prevents it from overheating. Its other features include a vast profiling system that has customized settings and a real-time hardware monitoring option.

10. ATI Tray Tools

ati try tools

ATI Tray best overclocking software tool is made for the use of ATI cards. It allows you to keep a check on the heat load and takes pleasure in the process of automatic overclocking. Its pre-application function is its highlight feature, which allows you to overclock data Vs its preset profiles, and can do much more with this overclocking software for Windows 10.

11. GMA Booster


The GMA Booster consists of an easy-to-use interface. Although, its performance is restricted to 950 chipsets. Based on its designer, that is Intel, we are sure to have a GMA X4500 chipset pretty soon. It is completely free and supports other devices like Linux as well.

12. AMD Ryzen Master

AMD Ryzen Master

Ryzen Master is a subset of AMD, and users can utilize it to keep track of and manage their system performance. It has a status tracking performance that provides real-time statistics of your system, the temperature level, voltage settings, and much more that works best for Windows overclocking.

13. ASUS GPU Tweak

asus gpu tweak ii

This easy-to-use interface in this best overclocking software is created by the brand ASUS. it handles your system’s core processor and memory perfectly and allows you to adjust however you want. However, if you want it to manage your system’s temperature you will need to install a separate software application for the same.

14. CPU-Z

cpu z

CPU-Z is an overclocking software that tracks the RAM, motherboard chipsets, and other parts of your system. This free software also tracks the temperature and fan speed of your processor. Its program supports speed tracking, documentation, and validation post system overclocking.

15. GPU-Z

gpu z software

It is a free and lightweight overclocking program. The program supports various graphics brands. It comprises a built-in load testing feature that configures your Peripheral Component Interconnect. Along with this, its simple, user-friendly interface displays GPU performance data quite easily. CPU-Z helps to boost memory and CPU whereas the GPU-Z helps to improve the performance of your graphic cards.


The above-mentioned are the 15 best overclocking software that works great with Windows 10. They are easy to install, work with, and accessible to everyone.

Even if you are a beginner at the functions of an overclocking processor, this article will help you know more about it and find the best one suitable for your laptop or computer to make it run faster and more efficiently. If you still have any queries regarding the same, you can always reach out to us!

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