25+ Best News Apps You Must Have on Your Mobiles Phones

In Today’s World of digitization, the need and necessity of media have been overwhelming. News is the only source of communication with the entire world. Knowing about the world is one of the basic triggers that keep us connected and social.

best news apps

We come to know about the nook and cranny of the world through a plethora of news channels across the world. We must be aware of the perfect channels from where we should know the news. People in today’s scenario make a profit out of fooling people.

They make a plethora of fake news and spread tension and distress. You should be absolutely aware of the places from where you should check the news. Watching the news on Television has been replaced by Digital news media. The media industry has seen a huge shift to the digital world during the time of the pandemic.

Top & Free Best News Apps You Should Have in 2021

With the increasing number of mobile users and the internet, people are relying more on the apps available that give them everyday news.

You must be confused about the apps that would be best suited in this circumstance from where you can get the genuine news and also has an excellent User Interface to help you use the app easily and smoothly. So, let us now dive into the world of applications to grab out the 25 Best mobile applications for News. Let’s begin!

1. DailyHunt

dailyhunt news app

It is an Indian News application which aggregates news and has more than 300 million active users every day. It has 14 regional languages which can be easily accessed by the people. DailyHunt can be trusted for news and you can even share your favourite news and there is also a community of people or users who come up with similar ideas.

2. News Dog

news dog

It has excellent news alerts associated with the application from 680+ cities across India and has multiple categories like Politics, Cricket, Tech, Business and many more. It supports more than 10 regional languages. It is quite adaptive and has a personalized news feed along with offline news availability. 



NDTV is one of the leading News channels and you have an application supported by it. What more can you ask for? It is available for iOS, Android and Windows. You can not only follow the news articles but also other TV shows associated with the NDTV media house. 

4. Pocket

pocket app

It is one of the news platforms which was previously known as reading It Later which helps you to curate news spaces of your own. It gives you excellent news as articles, audio as well as videos. It has a display that can be customized based on your interest. You can easily read the articles in offline mode as well. 

5. Reddit


It is a platform of Social news and is an aggregator that integrates all the latest and best news from various platforms for you to read based on your choices and interests. The users can easily form accounts and can share content in specific categories. There is no limit to the contents available on this platform and it is completely free.

6. Google News

Google knows everything, that is what people say and they have built up a news application separately to jot down the news in one place. It is a global hub and you find news from the utmost trustworthy sources. It covers fully and has excellent updates. There are tabs showing headlines and has both android and iOS compatibility.

7. The Times Of India

times of india

The Times of India is a leading platform in India covering news in all the categories including sports, Entertainment, Blogs, business etc. The application is extremely popular and is accessed by multiple users every day.

8. Hindustan Times

hindusthan times news app

Hindustan Times is another leading News Platform in India that covers news from every part of India and presents it to us. It was earlier an English Newspaper which now reigns in the industry of digital media. 

9. BBC News

bbc news

BBC World is one of the most popular news apps and can be considered as the pioneer in this field. It has an excellent large network along with trustworthy sources and reports covering the globe. It comes with a newsfeed that is personalised to show your choices and you can even search through the app. 

10. CNN News

cnn news

CNN News gives you the latest updates from the United States and also different parts of the world. It has not the only news in written format but is also associated with videos which makes it even better. You can watch live news as well. There are photo galleries and there are also custom alert settings available. 

11. Reuters


They feature excellent content from 2000+ reporters across 180 countries. It is associated with the entire world and has a personalized news feed experience. You will receive relevant stories based on your interest and also based on your location. If you save any article then you can even access them in offline mode.

12. Feedly


You can get the latest news from multiple blogs, magazines and other sources and it is an aggregator which is actually cloud-based. It draws its news from various trustworthy sources and presents you with excellent News. In the free plan, you can actually follow at least 100 sources. It is connected to more than 40 million different feeds. 

13. Flipboard

Flipboard is one of the best News Applications available. It draws the news of your interest with a single click. You can easily access your best 9 interests and you can read the news, like and share it as well. There is a Daily Edition associated with this which may show you the news daily.

14. AP News

AP or Associated Press is an American newspaper owned not for profit cooperative which provides excellent trustworthy news. It has support for both English and Spanish. It is absolutely free and can give you personalized feeds and has excellent content. You can read international and local stories altogether. 

15. The Hindu

The extremely popular newspaper in India “The Hindu” provides one of the leading news reading applications for the audience. It has a swift UI and the speed is excellent. It works fine even with the slowest internet. The Home screen displays to you the top News articles.

16. Inoreader

It is actually a small startup and has multiple users accessing the platform every day. Though its popularity is less as compared to some other applications, its efficiency is no less than any other news application. It has a Night mode and you can even share the contents you are reading.

17. Dainik Jagran

It is absolutely one of the India based newspapers available digitally in Hindi and it is compatible with both android and iOS. You can easily personalize the news you are reading and have special coverage of multiple news.

18. Microsoft News

Microsoft has been another most trusted source from where you can obtain news. Though less popular than Google but is equipped with excellent in-depth news. It has 24X7 updates of news and even comes with an excellent Dark mode. It is synced and is compatible with both android and iOS.

19. Apple News

Apple News is one of the easiest ways to access the multiple news and information available daily. It gives a seamless experience to Apple users across the globe. There is a version of Apple News+ which is payable and accessible for a plethora of publications.

20. The NewYork Times

It helps you get all the latest news updates and also showcases cultural stories from 50 bureaus across the globe. It has an excellent interactive design and is equipped with Augmented Reality along with a 360-degree video experience. It gives Real-time news alerts and has night mode as well. There are multiple podcasts and audio series. 

21. The Guardian

It is a free news app and also has a subscription plan and is available for both Apple and Android. There is news from all categories including Sports, Politics, Finance and many more. They provide us real-time alerts for the news and have customized news feeds and you can also read the news offline.

22. NewsHunt

It is an Indian application that offers the latest news to the user and has news from all over India from different states. It is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows. You can get instant updates. There are local languages available like Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu etc.

23. Pulse

Pulse has a lot of similarities to the Flipboard app and has massive content associated with the application. It is compatible with both Android and Apple users. It is majorly controlled by Linkedin and has a very smooth architecture. It is an aggregator which collects trustworthy news from multiple sources.

24. DIGG

It has a lot of similarities with the Reddit platform and it extracts news from various platforms to present to you the trending news across the globe. It has excellent algorithms to figure out the best. It gives you a synopsis of the best news stories available and you can even save the news for reading later.

25. SmartNews

SmartNews is one of the leading applications in the market and provides compatibility for both Apple and Android users and has a friendly UI. It gives you suggestions of all the trending topics and lets you choose between them. It has online as well as offline access and has a large number of trustworthy resources to gather news. 


Check out these news apps for having excellent designs and you will gain all the knowledge about what is going around the country or in the world as a whole. In tough times, staying connected to the world is very important. No matter wherever you are, you should be able to know about your surroundings. Only then you will grow as a responsible citizen, you will be more alert and before any mishaps, you can be alarmed. The world has now been arrested in your fist. Utilize the facilities you have and be the change you desire!

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