70+ Best Hinge Openers and Conversation Starters

You’ve probably never stopped receiving cringe-worthy opening lines if you’ve been using dating apps for some time now.

Perhaps you have also sent yourself a few awkward emails.

For Hinge or any app for that matter, finding just the right opening line is so challenging.

Keeping your aggressiveness in check, you also don’t want to blend in, or come across as too weak.

“Online dating has provided people with an abundance of choices,” Double Trust Dating expert Jonathan Bennett tells Bustle.

We conducted an experiment to find out which openers work best on this app find out which founders and geniuses stay behind the statistics. 

In this article, we explore each opener in detail.

Hinge openers: how do they work?

Opening chats in a captivating manner will encourage responses from your matches and keep them engrossed.

The most important thing you should do when responding to a customer is to be authentic.

  • Detail-oriented. Bloody details are what makes the devil tick. You can create an irresistible opening line or customize one of those below if you pay attention to the details of their profile. Take your time.
  • Their interests should be discussed. Research conducted by OkCupid found that when the texter mentions their prospect’s interests, they are more likely to have a reply. The most important things they care about can be spotted in their profiles. You can use them in your introductions.
  • Don’t be too long. Don’t send your message right away. See if you can shorten it by reading it out loud. Keep it short. There is no sense in fluffing it up since they won’t be able to decipher it. If it is too long, they’ll ignore it.

After disclosing these points, let’s take a look at some of our favorite openers.

Listed below are the openings we used during the research and others we considered successful.

Please note our ideas when you are writing your research.

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Best Hinge Openers 2022

1. Tell me more about how your parents met!

As part of its profile questions,Hinge also offers the question, “How did your parents meet?” So you can always ask about your parents by choosing one of these options.

2. Two truths and a lie; ready, set, go!

We all like a little challenge, don’t we? Here’s one.

3. Netflix or avocado: what’s the best discovery?

Researchers in the Hinge team found that food-related messages are more likely to be replied to by women.

4. Breakfast preference: pancakes, waffles, or sleeping till lunch?

We suggest some tasty food choices to add a bit of sweetness to the conversation. That last option is a bit of a surprise, but it brightens up the conversation.

5. When you were a child, which movie frightened you the most?

Strangers find it easier to talk about frightening movies and events. Try being one of those strangers. It’s a great way to start a conversation.

6. When were you first introduced to CDs?

Music is loved by almost everyone. Whatever you say, you will reach them. Whether you quote a song or suggest the latest trends in music, you will reach them.

7. Among all the Mario Kart characters, which is your favorite?

Fictional characters such as princesses. It’s up to them how they are represented. It will be nostalgic for them even if they are no longer playing it.

8. Would you rather be able to talk to animals or have an adult treehouse?

What sort of things do they like? Here’s how to find out. Ask them what their dream power would be.

9. Could you confirm that you don’t clap when the plane lands?

The funny side of awkward behavior is making fun of it. Licensed psychologist Wyatt Fisher says that talking about third-parties is the best way to open a discussion.

10. Are Leo’s chances of winning an Oscar ever good?

That worked for Leo’s Oscar campaign. With him replaced with your favorite Academy Award nominee, now you can substitute your favorite actor.

11. Which one is best: Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, or John Oliver?

Is it apparent that they love movies? Replace the actors they like with their suggestions.

12. What was the best part of your week?

There may be nothing complicated about this question. A potential date needs to be able to tell us about their general attitude and view of life, right?

13. Your job seems cool! How did you get into it?

America is, after all, a nation where people are fond of talking about their jobs. Let’s get started! It would be wise to approach the person about their profession, since they will likely have much to say about what they do, like why – or if – they are interested, and how long they have worked there.

14. Does your dog have an IG? My pit bull Lola wants to follow her.

Try checking out their profile when reaching out to someone new and try to strike up a conversation about something they might be interested in. “What dog-lover would not be moved by the sight of their adorable friend?” Relationship expert, Emily Lovz tells Bustle.

15. Quick, what’s your phone background?

It is a glimpse inside the psychology of this person to see this little detail. When the two of you exchange pics, you might be surprised at the impression this simple request might leave.

16. I used to get detention for being late every morning, too!

How did you get in trouble when you were a little rebellious student? It’s another profile question on Hinge. Feel free to ask questions if you have any (if you have, of course).

17. What’s your most played song on Spotify?

If it was the same artist or song, what would you think? Somehow or another, music unlocks a person’s soul. It will at the very least reveal what they enjoy dancing to…

18. String cheese is typically stringed, but do you bite it or string it?

This trivia question is a bit controversial, much like the question of yogurt: “Is it better eaten or drunk?”. It makes you sound wise to speak about trivialities, since people rarely think about them.

19. Pizza critic or puppy photojournalist: which is your dream job?

If you were given the choice, which job would you choose? I wouldn’t either.

20. Any free time over the weekend?

Keep things simple. You should not have any doubts if research has proven that it has worked for others.

21. What are you going to drink?

Women found these messages less attractive than men’s assertive messages. Take advantage of this.

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Examples of Best Hinge Conversation For Openers

  1. Nice to meet you. I’m your new neighbor. The dark, tall and handsome one.
  2. Would you like to hear the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me?
  3. How do you stay so slim? You look so fit and healthy. Do you lift weights or just do yoga?
  4. You look like you’re having a rough day. Want to talk about it?
  5. I am a bit of a romantic. I like candlelight dinners and flowers. What are you into?
  6. I have to be completely honest with you. I’m really intrigued by you and want to know more about you.
  7. I’m on a super-secret mission that requires me to sneak into your bedroom and spend a night there.
  8. You’re the type of girl I’d take home to mom.
  9. I think the best thing about spring is that it is the perfect time of the year to sit in the sun with a good book, a nice cold beer, and a girl like you.
  10. You look like you need to be spanked. Want me to take care of that for you?
  11. A lot of people like chocolate. Personally, I like it but I prefer ice cream. What’s your favorite flavor?
  12. You have a cute smile! I hope you smile when you read this message.
  13. Last night I had an amazing dream. I dreamt I was cuddling with a girl that looked just like you but when I woke up I realized it was my teddy bear…
  14. A good love story has A. Great Chemistry, B. A great first date, C. A great first kiss, D. All of the above?
  15. You look so tempting in your profile photo that I want to lick my phone.
  16. You’re so cute! Do you want to go get some ice cream?
  17. I want to take you out to dinner. I’m going to make you my dessert.
  18. Sorry, I couldn’t help but notice your great abs.
  19. You’re so much better than bacon and bacon is my favorite food.
  20. I went to an astrologer to find out what kind of guy you like. He said, “You have to ask her yourself.”
  21. What do you say we meet up for an intense game of pool?
  22. I love a girl who likes to read. I like to imagine you curled up on a couch with a glass of wine, reading a book and waiting for me to come home.
  23. I want to live to be a hundred years old so I can celebrate my birthday with you for 80 years.
  24. I had a crazy dream last night. I dreamt I was on a date with a girl who looked just like you. She wanted to take me home
  25. with her but I told her that she will have to wait until our third date. Can’t believe she was so naughty…
  26. You look like a movie star. It must be your pretty face and your perfect smile.
  27. You look like you’re good at solving problems. Can you help me find a way to get to know you better?
  28. My room is full of chocolate, would you like to come over
  29. Which is your favorite season? I’m a spring person myself 🙂
  30. If I were to take you out on a date, what do you think you’d be wearing?
  31. I’m not looking for a relationship, but you’d make an amazing temporary partner.
  32. I love your shoes and would love to see them under my bed.
  33. I just saw your profile, and I think I’m falling for someone I’ve never met. Can I take you out for a coffee?
  34. Do you have any idea how much I would enjoy licking you all over?
  35. I think you must have been a princess in a previous life.
  36. I think you’re really pretty. Would you like to go out to lunch with me tomorrow?
  37. I’m not usually into much younger girls but there is something very unique about you. Do you want to go out sometime?
  38. My friends told me that the best way to get over a girl is to go out with her best friend. Do you have any BFFs?
  39. Your smile makes me forget my own name.
  40. I’m not looking for a serious relationship, but I’m down to cuddle.
  41. I’m not trying to brag, but I’ve got the whole package.
  42.  I’m from the future. I’m here to tell you that you’re going to be my ex-wife.
  43. You are so hot that when you were created, you burned all the paint off the paintbrush.
  44. I’m not the type of guy who believes in love at first sight, but after reading your profile, I’m ready to make an exception.
  45. I think I’m falling in love with your eyes. Can I have your number, so I can get to know your legs better?
  46. I’m all about the sweet stuff. Would you like to be my sugar 👶?
  47. I’m not good at writing online dating messages. So I’m just going to send you a photo of my abs.
  48. My mom always says that no one is perfect, but I think you might be pretty close.
  49. I’m the type of guy that will flirt with you in the middle of a board meeting.
  50. I would love to cuddle up with you under a big warm blanket and watch movies all day.

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Bennett says you’ll increase your chances of getting a response by saying something funny or personal. You’ll probably have a packed social calendar in no time if you employ even one of these opening lines.

You now have a large number of openings and are almost sure to receive a response.

There’s more to it than that.

It’s now time for you to ask her out and continue the conversation.

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