15 Best Dress Up Games for Adults (Android & iOS)

Hello there, everyone! I’ve compiled a list of the 15 Best Dress Up Games for Adults. These games are available for Android and iOS devices. Strive not to glance down and be surprised if you miss.

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your artistic ideas come to life. It is why a large number of people, especially women, like adult dress-up games. Making creative ideas is both enjoyable and energizing. On the other hand, the personality is also a reflection of oneself.

dress up games for adults

Whenever anyone encounters you for the first time, they develop a relationship with you based on your apparel. People who have a strong understanding of design are admired.

A variety of applications are available to experiment with, allowing you to outfit the figure any way you choose. These games will allow you to have a nice day. If you enjoy love story games, then harem games for Android and iOS are for you. You’ll have a great time enjoying these games, and they’re especially valuable for people who want to pursue a career in design.

Top 15 Adults Dress Up Games (Android & iOS)

These games are exciting since they are not limited to dressing as they were previously. Apart from beautifying someone, they assign your various tasks, such as shopping and maintaining the model’s closet. You can also participate in competitions.

1. Superstar Family-Celebrity Fashion

superstar family

It is one of several free adult dress-up games available. Because you are responsible for the whole family, it is remarkable to freshen up the game in 2021. You must evaluate the appropriate attire for every person. There are several outfits, accessories, makeup, and other items to choose from.

Depending on the situation, alter all about every individual. You’ll have various experiences, including preparing for a trip, workshop, relaxing in the castle, street walking, and much more. If you enjoy designing your house, you should consider playing residence decorating games.

You will be given several pieces of equipment and decorations for interior designing in this game. You may use them to decorate areas including the kitchens, kid’s bedroom, libraries, bathroom, yard, and even a living space.

2. College girl team makeover

College Girls Team Makeover

You’ll be their stylist because they have to look their best every day. It would help if you guaranteed that this team is dressed appropriately, has a hairstyle, makeup, and accessories.

In comparison to certain other adult clothes makeover games in 2021, this is exceptional. I enjoy freshening up the five closest high school pals.

3. Fashion Fantasy

fashion fantasy

Fashion Fantasy is one of the most popular adult dress-up applications on the internet. This game is customizable to your preferences, and you also have the option to build your ideas. It is a good application that allows you to participate in a creative project. It’s an intriguing game in which you can unlock additional pieces.

Study previous style trends while tackling fresh stylistic challenges to win. In these challenges, you can compete with your friends and various sections.

4. Dress Up Game Stylist

fashion diva dressup syle

Do their hairstyle and make, and your models are ready to walk the runways. You might compete with other players in multiplayer modes. The next game on our list is an adult dress-up game, in which you may offer your dolls the best outfit by giving them a complete transformation. Wrap your characters in stylish clothes with a lot of frills.

The game is available in 25 different languages. Show curiosity in stimulating subjects and fascinating challenges, and dazzle everyone with your creative abilities.

5. Fashion Empire

fashion empire

You can freshen up various characters and yourself. It also allows you to participate in the project in various cities and enjoy an adventure that is jam-packed with learning opportunities. There is a story option in the game, with creative exhibitions, fascinating characters, and opportunities. You may also have fun with your buddies and families while playing the finest resources control activities.

This adult dress-up game is a lot of fun because it allows you to design girls. You might even enjoy the game without an internet connection. From affluent to tense, it created the element of preparing astounding events.

6. Kim Kardashian

This service is titled after Kim Kardashian, a very well celebrity. By completing, the game you can enter Kim’s world. You might create your celebrity, dress yourself up with fresh flair, and rise to fame.

Explore the beautiful sights, nightclubs, and much more. You can romance or reject other celebrities, marry them, have kids, and decorate your house in any way you like.

7. Covet Fashion

You might browse over 175 companies and keep up with the latest fashions Vote for the genre you want to dominate in-match rewards. In designing homes, you can interact and interact with your friends.

This game is unique because it allows you to dress up the characters and offer them a lovely appearance. The finest part of the game is that all of the companies you can buy in the games are real. Links are given up that lead to locations where you can buy clothing and accessories from brands featured in the game.

8. High School Couple: Girl Boy Makeover

Male avatars appear in a small percentage of adult dress-up games. Regardless, you could dress up both the young girl and the child in this game. Regardless of the reality that they’re in high school, you are permitted to transform them into enthusiastic persons, eccentric looks, Halloween party events, and even their future careers.

By posting the photograph on social networks, you can reach out to new people. This game could be appropriate for you if you are new to the design world. Apart from the features, the missions are simple, and you would benefit from a dozen wardrobe products.

9. Dress Up Game Free

Enjoying a dress-up game for young females who enjoy design isn’t always just coming up with novel ideas. You’re also getting a makeover here.

You must create avatars for six different occasions, such as prom night, a beauty expo, a skill competition, a prominent star award, and so on. Can find a different wardrobe in the varied second. As a result, this game puts your senses to the test to create a unique and magnificent appearance.

10. Trendy Fashion Styles Dress Up

It’s a fun game for Android and iOS users who want to brighten up their look. There are two figures, and they both require your help to try out the newest style elements.

Whenever you enter the wardrobe, there’ll be a plethora of costumes, sweaters, shorts, and a variety of other garments. You could construct four different designs from each item inside: simple, goofy, punk, and cutesy.

11. Princess Dress Up And Makeover Games

In this series of adult games, you can experience what it’s like to be a real salon owner. Your clientele is princesses who require expensive treatment, such as facials, makeup, and hairdos until the clothing is fitted.

There are more than 80 outstanding regal gowns here, each with its own set of ornamentation. Your princess must be beautiful and ready to glitter, no matter whatever you choose for them. Surprisingly, you could update the embellishments and other items whenever you choose. It is an adult dress-up game that could enjoy independently. There’s no need to be concerned, even if there’s no WiFi connection nearby!

12. Super Stylist

With your distinctive taste in Fashion, you may amass a sizable clientele. Take up the role of a creative stylist in the game and start your firm. It is a fantastic game that you will desire to enjoy again and over again. This creative story game involves designing, grooming, and applying makeup to your clients.

Create a fantastic beautician inquiry for your clientele to bring in money. Spend this money on expensive new clothes and accoutrements. Be a well-known fashion stylist and accompany your clients to major events.

13. Sophie Fashionista: Dress Up Game

Sophie Fashionista is a game that you should enjoy if you enjoy both style and difficulty. It’s more than a dress-up game because you must create the perfect costume to go to the next stage.

Examine your skills in every area, including visits to a concert, buying, doing photography, and so on. Don’t worry; Sophie already had everything you need. You may utilize the finest red-eye reduction applications on both Android and iOS devices if you want to adjust or eliminate your eye colour while undertaking a photo session.

Regardless of the idea that you must solve every task, you can play this game independently. In this manner, you may easily join Sophie’s existence and exhibit your fashion sense whenever you have free energy!

14. Millionaire Wedding Lucky Bride Dress Up

This game would appeal to people who fantasize about shopping in malls and stores. You have the freedom to dress up the six young ladies here as a private style consultant. You would be confronted with their big day, the marriage day. Don’t worry; you could utilize their couple’s platinum card to make purchases.

You could choose from 8 grooms, including a film star, a Wall Street smart, a nerdy IT, or even an athlete after you’ve dressed up the women If you believe they are already a wonderful fit, your following task will be to plan the marriage ceremony None compares to this adorable adult dress-up game.

15. Fashion Superstar Dress Up

It is a full-fledged creativity game. Your work demands more than just selecting the appropriate attire and cosmetics. You can sew your outfits. Customize each style accessory to your liking, including adding a name, combining colours, and whatever else you choose.

Whenever you’re done, you could snap a screenshot with a variety of backgrounds and styles. This game is useful for storing ideas or ideas. Another intriguing feature is that you could perform missions to receive additional things or cash.


Considering all of the top adult dress-up games listed above makes you realize how often alternatives you have. Choose one that meets your preferences, including the appearance, personality, and things.

Or, more likely, you have yet another purpose in mind, such as studying about the style business or connecting with buddies in a pleasant environment. Despite your motivation for playing, the style designer games for Android and iOS have always been the greatest.

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