15 Best 3D Hologram Apps for Android & iOS

You may have been puzzled for a long period regarding the 3D holograms we’ve witnessed in scientific fictional films. With 3D holographic applications, anyone could now have that. They possess a 3D box hologram that projects four identical items over to a prism wall made of coated plexiglass.

3d hologram apps

The 3D virtual persona and content can be viewed from various angles. Aside from amusement, business people can utilize this technique to promote themselves at gatherings. Property developers could display the 3D household simulation. As a result, guests could see the entire residence in live time from any aspect.

Top & Best 3D Hologram Applications: 2021

Upon your Android or iOS smartphones, you can install some 3D holographic applications. Even if many of them are just simulators, they give a shot as they may help you relax. The 15 greatest 3D hologram apps for Android and iOS are as follows:

1. Hologram 3D

hologram 3d


It is among the greatest 3D hologram applications since it includes everything you need to know about utilizing and observing the hologram. Choose from various presentations to make genuine 3D holograms, including earth, lights, skulls, fountains, computerized spiral, and laser circles.

2. Holo: Holograms for Videos in AR



This hologram program enables you to include holograms of actual persons and wildlife into your imaginary spaces. You may use it to capture images and movies, which you could then exchange with your pals. Select among a wide range of holograms, including celebs, sportspeople, comic creatures, and much more. Rotate, resize, and move the hologram to make it fit your needs.

3. Dino Park Hologram Simulator

dino park


The above program, which is only 5.4 MB in size, represents the functioning of a hologram in the form of dinosaurs. There are different categories of dinosaurs to pick from: tyrannosaurus, raptor, and velociraptor. It would seem like a real dinosaur’s sound when you touch the dinosaurs.

4. HoloLens Dinosaurs Park 3d Hologram PRANK GAME



It is among the pranking applications that use 3D holograms. 13 lifelike dinosaur sculptures await your fun. The dinosaurs could be rotated, shrunk, or enlarged. To make things extremely difficult, you’ll need to gain tokens to unlock all of the dinosaur avatars in this application.

Step inside a darkened room using your device and aim the dinosaurs into a clear glass to see the hologram. You’ll witness a holographic image of a dinosaur that seems genuine.

5. Hologram Viewer

hologram viewer


To access this 15 MB holographic application, you must first register. Pick from a wide range of fantastic vintage animation patterns, including diamonds and headsets. Select a deadline to deliver the messages to a buddy as a present. Your buddy would receive a unique, one-of-a-kind 3D interactive pleasantry card.

6. Neon 3d Tech Hologram Keyboard Theme

neon 3d


It is a 3D holographic application that would transform your smartphone into a fashionable and elegant device. This hologram application has the most up-to-date trendy fonts and emoticons. You can witness incredible typing skills and fluency by installing this small program (just 3 MB).

You may use various unique functions, including motion typing, auto-correction, voice recognition, next-word and sticker suggestions, and much more. There are a variety of attractive keyboard HD backgrounds available, including emoticons, sparkle, and more. This keyboard additionally enables you to personalize the keyboard design by uploading photographs from your computer’s pictures album.

7. Assembly



With Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, you can easily build amazing 3D visuals using photographs, videos, and texts. Anyone may make an incredible layout because it is so easy. You may use AR to make 3D flyers, banners, catalogues, greeting invitations, decorated textbooks, packing, and other items, and then display them in actual situations.

You can use this application to promote your collaborative AR creations on social media. You might save your creation as a 3D model for 3D printing, Instagram, and Facebook postings model, among other things. Over 4000 Android devices have downloaded this software. On the App Store, it has a 4.7/5 rating.

This program is famous not just among 3D holographic applications but among image editing applications. This app would allow you to make Iron Man’s Jarvis hologram illusions, as you’ve predicted from the title. You’ll appear futuristic and feel like Tony Stark.

Like many picture editing applications, this free program enables you to apply over 100 different high-quality holographic stickers. You could select among various themes, including robotics, creatures, decor, accessories, and pre-made stickers (blueprint). You could use the decorating stickers to make a hi-tech Head-Up display appearance.

You could modify additional writing with various colours, styles, and sizes and adjust the brightness. There are only 12 font options; all of them seem to be mechanical. One can flip in both vertical and horizontal directions.

You can apply both hard or soft brushes to your picture if you’re proficient at painting. The paintbrush shape, brightness, and soft brush blur radius could all be changed. You can additionally change the overall brightness and sharpness.

8. Hologram Neon Keyboard Theme

hologram neon 3d


This hologram software would add an astonishing fresh style to your device. Hologram Neon Keyboard Theme would change your basic keyboard into a distinctive hologram neon design keyboard. To utilize this fantastic keyboard, you must first acquire Kika Keyboard from the Google Play Store.

Select the “activate theme” option in the Hologram Neon Keyboard Theme. Over 150 languages, word recommendations, and auto-correction are all supported by this highly regarded (4.7/5 in Play Store) app. Choose your images, emoticons, HD backgrounds, HD wallpapers, and launchers images to personalize the keyboard design.

9. Very 3D Hologram Projector

vylomy 3d


Vyomy 3D Hologram Projector walks you through the process of converting your smartphone into a 3D hologram projector in just 10 min. You’ll only require a scale, pencil, sheet, scissors, and sticky tape, as well as a clear plastic material (maybe a CD case). The user guide or step-by-step textual instructions with illustrations are available to assist you.

You will use the demonstration or films to create a holographic video in your album. For the greatest performance, consider a smartphone with a huge monitor. It can calm your thoughts. Give it a shot at just once, and you’ll be amazed at how relaxing it is.

This free application is compatible with Android, and it has been installed by over 18000 people worldwide.

10. Hologram Kitten 3D Simulator

hologram kitten


This application is accessible for free on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. The creator explicitly mentions in the introduction part of the program that it is purely for enjoyment reasons. As a result, it does not create a real Hologram.

It’s a great application for cat lovers because it displays a 3D hologram cat whenever you need it. Assemble four plastic triangles and stick them together to form a pyramid to observe it as a hologram. After, then you’ll witness a hologram of the kitten.

11. Hologram Neon Keyboard Theme


This hologram software would give your device a wholly unique design. The Hologram Neon Keyboard Theme would transform your standard keyboard into a one-of-a-kind hologram neon keyboard. To utilize this fantastic keyboard, you must first install Kika Keyboard from the Google Play Store.

Select the “activate theme” option in the Hologram Neon Keyboard Theme. Around 150 languages, word recommendations, and auto-correction are all supported by this well-rated (4.7/5 in Play Store) application. Choose your images, emoticons, HD backgrounds, HD icons, and launchers images to personalize the keyboard design.

You could also change the fonts, sizes, and colours of the content and the thematic colours. Experience the beautiful typefaces and charming emoticon keyboard. This software has been downloaded by over 12000 Android users, who have given it an excellent rating. As a result, this application is strongly suggested.

12. 3D Hologram – Holo-display


You could create 1- or 4-sided hologram pictures and apply huge amounts of holographic animations or clips in the latest edition. You may make your hologram maker and witness hologram clips made from lots of GIF animations.

By putting your GIFs and photos into this 3D hologram program, you may create 3D 4-sided hologram videos. You can select from various hologram pictures, such as worlds, creatures, and so on. It’s also feasible to make your holographic pyramid. You can use the randomize option to shuffle the files and save your preferred outcomes to your favourites.

13. Holapex Hologram Video Maker


You could quickly transform your movie or photograph into a hologram photo or clip by utilizing this hologram program. You will not be required to do any coding or modifying. Select a movie or photo from your album and would transform it into a hologram immediately.

14. Dragon Hologram Laser Camera Simulator


Green, red, and blue coloured gliding dragons are present. Afterwards, seven standing creatures are green, yellow, blue, and red in hue. You could pick any of these to prank somebody, particularly children. Simply tapping the display will adjust the motion.

To exhibit the creatures as a hologram, you’ll require a 4-sided transparent prism, just as the other 3D hologram programs. Over 12000 individuals have installed this intriguing software from the Google Play Store. It has a 3.5-star ranking, so its value is a go.

15. HoloCam


You could apply three-dimensional elements as well as other items to your images using the HoloCam software. This application would appeal to everyone who enjoys augmented reality and holograms.

You may easily make holographic items on your own. The software comes with a wide range of features to help with this. Make individuals creatures and other things. They could use them to enhance your photographs and movies.

You may easily modify your images with the HoloCam program. Build a futuristic environment by using holographic elements. You have complete freedom to do anything you choose.


So there you have it: the top 15 Android and iOS 3D hologram applications. Hologram applications can be used for various purposes, including gaming, pranking, presentations, photoshop, and potentially 3D creation. You could pick the greatest options by considering your requirements.

Some 3D holographic applications display adverts, but if you pay professionals, you could disable them. Alternatively, you’ll have to wait patiently for those five or 30-minute commercials. Best of luck!

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