20 Best 1 MB Games for Android Users

Almost all of us like to play games on our mobiles. It is a source of entertainment for all of us. Sometimes, there is not enough storage in our phone memory, which is why we are unable to keep many games at a time. On the other hand, playing the same games, again and again, seems boring.

best 1 mb games

If you are looking for 1 Mb games, then this article is for you. We have made a list of the 20 Best 1 Mb games on your mobile.

Top 1 MB Games For Android to Play Now

These games are undoubtedly one of the best sources of entertainment. The games will give you thrill and fun. From now onwards there is no need to worry about storage problems. So, game lovers let’s follow the article.

1. Carrom Board

carrom board

Those who are carrot lovers will love this game on their mobile for sure. This game requires hardly 1 Mb storage. You can play it peacefully without any disturbances. Moreover, the game controls our temper and makes us stay safe. The interesting part of the game is that you can play the game with four of your friends at a single time. You can even create a team of two players each and start playing the game. Because of all the special features, we have added this to the first list.

2. Ludo


Ludo is one of the most ancient games. It is a great game for passing your time. There are no such people who have not played ludo in their life. Now, ludo is available on our android mobile. The game is simple to play. You just have to wait for your turn. Throw the dice and move towards the coin. You can play the game with your friends and relatives as well. It’s fun to play the game and pass your boring time. That’s why we have added this game to our second list.

3. Doodle Cricket

doodle cricket

Everybody is a fan of playing cricket. Now, cricket lovers have the option of playing this amazing game on their Android devices. Playing Doodle cricket controls our minds and temper.

You will get a bat button on your screen. Another player will throw the ball and you have to hit it from your bat. In this period, you can take runs and increase your score. The best part is that you can keep this game on your phone as it occupies very little space. That is why we have added this game to our favourite list.

4. Atomic Bomber

atomic bomber

For those who love action games, Atomic Bomber is for them only. Though atom bombs are highly perilous for our planet, in this game, it is entirely different. The game is interesting. You are a NATO ground attacker. Your main aim is to stop the Soviet Union’s raid in Europe. After that, you have to claim victory over Soviet Union’s tanks and artillery.

The game is quite thrilling and enjoyable. It has amazing graphics. The sound is also good which will make you feel real.  So, this game is also on our list.

5. The Archer’s 3: Bird Slaughter

the archers 3

Bird slaughter is one of the best games which helps you to concentrate on your aim. The rules of the game are that many birds are trespassing from your area. The colourful birds are also harmful to you. They will try to destroy your land and kill you. But you should not give up. You have the archers and now. Kill all the birds. The graphic design and sound system are excellent. So, this game wins our hearts and we have put them on our list of 1 Mb.

6. Snake and ladders

snake and ladders

Like ludo, people are fond of playing with snakes and ladders. With the improvement of technology, now this game is available on our smartphones as well. The game is very interesting and helps you to pass your boring time.

You have to throw the dice and reach your coin to the 100th number. In between, you will get many snakes who will hinder your progress and let you down. There are also ladders. The ladders will help you reach the 100th number fast. You can play the game with your friends also.

7. Bubble Shot

bubble shooter

We have added this game as it requires less than 1 Mb storage. Shoot as many bubbles as you can. The game makers didn’t compromise on the graphics. You just have to aim at the bubbles and shoot those. Try to shoot them before it covers your entire screen. The sound system is outstanding. One can easily pass their time by playing the game.

8. Cooking Master

cooking master

Cooking Master is a game that can improve your cooking skills. If you are good at cooking then this game is perfect for you. Here you have to serve the food to your customers.

You will get all the ingredients available in your kitchen. You just have to prepare the food and serve it to your guests. You have to create all the dishes in the specified time. It is an interesting game and will divert your mind.

9. Escape the room

escape room

This game requires only 158 kb. You can easily download it. The game increases your intelligence level. The purpose of this game is to escape from the room where you are trapped. You will face many hurdles. But your moto is to run and escape from the room.

The graphics are available in pixels. You can also control the game as per your choice. The greatest fun is that you will be puzzled in the entire game.

10. Chess


Chess is the most intelligent game in our world. It checks your intelligence level and you will be able to pass your time. There are two teams white and black. You have saved your king and queen. Try to protect the Queen as it saves the king.

The game which is available in the android version is the same as the ancient game. It gives a thrilling effect when you play the game. The interesting thing is that it needs less than 1 Mb to install. That is why we have added the game to our favourite list.

11. Word search

Word search will be the perfect game for you if you are good at vocabulary. Moreover, this game not only needs little storage but also helps to improve your thinking capabilities. Search for new words. The new words will also help you to learn more. This game thus is kept on our top list.

12. Brain games

The name suggests that brain games will help you to increase your intelligence level. You have to log in and start to play the game. Moreover, the game is very easy and simple to play. The best part is that it doesn’t require an internet connection. You can play it offline. Researchers claimed that playing this game is useful for teenagers.

13. Fur Guardians

Fur Guardians is one of the most interesting and thrilling games. Select your favourite character of fur and start to defend the enemies. There are many levels and you have to cross all the hurdles to win the game.

The coolest part is that the game runs on 16-bit pixel styles. One can get unlimited random levels to play. As it is my most favourite game of all, that’s why it is in the top 20 list.

14. Cube Puzzle

Cube puzzles are famous from ancient times. Everyone likes to play the game. This game boosts our thinking capability. There are more than 5 modes available in this cube paradox. You can select any of them, according to your mood or proficiency.

Also, shuffle or restore one side of the cube to solve that particular colourful side. This is one of the best games which requires minimum storage.

15. Bounce

Bounce is an interesting game. The game doesn’t even need 1 Mb. By playing the game, one will feel relaxed. In this game, you have to take the ball and pass the hurdles. The ball will bounce. That is the speciality of the game. The graphics and sound quality are awesome. We have kept this game on the top list of 20.

16. Zombie Shooter

If you want to kill zombies then this zombie shooter is one of the best games for you. There are many stickman monsters. You have to kill those monsters with various types of guns. The graphics of the game are very good. The sound is also awesome.

There are also various types of guns available. You can purchase those to complete your mission. One thing is that you need to upgrade your players to kill the stronger monsters. As this game doesn’t need much storage, we have decided to keep this game on our list.

17. 2048 Game

The next game on our list is 2048. It is a puzzle game and needs only 1 Mb in size. The plot is entirely based on maths. It is a math puzzle where you need to integrate two tiles with identical numbers to create a large number, and then other tiles are added to the board.

As you headway, the levels will get difficult. But it is the challenge and fun of the game. The player will not certainly give up the entire gameplay. We can say that we will not regret playing it. So download the 2048 game from the play store.

18. My Block Puzzle

Block puzzle is in our list as it also needs only 1 Mb storage. This game has outstanding graphics and helps you to boost your capabilities. Your main aim is to score high marks. You need to place the colour box in the perfect area so that you can score better. There is no specific time limit. So, you can play as much as you like. There is no denying the fact about the graphics.

19. Tictactoe

Well, Tictactoe is one of the most important games which almost all of us have played in our childhood. It is the fancy name for Xs and Os. The concept is very simple.

There are six boxes in the game and two players can play it. You have to file up the line either horizontally, diagonally, or crisscross. This is a wonderful game and is the easy way to defeat your partner. It is the most addictive game.

20. Roll Balls into a hole

The name of the game suggests the concept of the game. Here, the player needs to push the balls into the hole. You will get many balls. Your main aim should be to put all the balls in the hole. Wait, there is more to know about the game.

There is a single red ball which you have to put at the end of the game. However, you cannot tilt your phone. This is an interesting game, so we have put it on the list of 1 Mb games.


We have discussed the important 20 best games of 1 MB. We are sure that you will like all of these games on your mobile.

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